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From the time of the Prophet (PBUH) to the present times, the most visible aspect to  be noted is a gradual shift from the Quran itself to two bit fairy tales of concocted illusions, prophesies, happenings, which were far from the permanent values given by Allah. Thousands of Hadees many conflicting with each other, and each Mullah has his favourite lot. Deen became a religion and fight between one set of Mullahs with another. The Quran itself is the judge of right and wrong. Our finality was in adoring the Quran from far, putting it at a high place in the house, or running ones fingers through its lines, without understanding anything. Instead of intellectual interpretations, we referred to translations which in the other languages could not do justice to the Quran  itself, and actual led to misunderstandings. The extent was endless, even putting the finality of Prophet hood in question. Then came the charlatans who claimed they could communicate with Allah and get fresh instructions and could abrogate sections of the Quran at their will. Taking Allah as a whimsical Feudal lord, siting and doing things in their terms. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was possibly the pioneer of the new renaissance, and Dr Allama Iqbal bold venture into stagnating minds. Jamal uddin Afghani continued talking about the Uma in the Quranic spirit. We had number of exceptional thinkers who took this challenge, which includes Muhammed Asad, Ghulam Ahmad Pervez, Hafiz Muhammed Aslam Jairapuri, Rafi ullah Shahab, Dr Abdul Wadud, Maulana Muslim, Maulana Ghulam Murshid, and many others. Some of them were personal favourites of Quaid e Azam and some sponsored by Dr Allama Iqbal himself. Maulana Ghulam Murshid was appointed Imam of the Badshahi mosque by Dr Allama Iqbal himself. These stalwarts were pitted against Mullahs who called Quaid e Azam as Kafir Azam and the making of Pakistan itself a cardinal sin. Once regular columns were written by Rafi ullah Shahab for both Dawn as well as Nation. Now no more. Safdar Mir alias Zeno wrote exceptional articles in the “Pakistan Times”. Ms Mariam Habib did exceptional work for women. Major General Ehsan ul Haque started working on the Quran itself but probably left it at some point. A few brilliant articles are still there. Ms Saleena Karim working on same project. In short intellectuals tried their best, but as political power was in the hands of morons, those people actually patronized the anti ideology people of the country, some forced on us by our neighbouring country (actual payroll of foreign lobbies). The desire of disrupting us in persuading us to stay away from the Quran and its teachings.

Progress of life
Thrones are not games

Mian Ifftikhar uddin left Congress and joined Muslim League. And of all the persons, he was the single authority who opposed the Objectives Resolution of 1949, culminating to the belief by many, that he was sponsored by Congress to infiltrate the Muslim League and its objectives. The legends of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Saadat Hassan Manto were spun in that period too.  Certainly Faiz himself wrote that it was not the Pakistan they saw in their dreams. The Pakistan of Quaid e Azam was there. Manto said things in disguise as well as in the open, which conflicted with  the very idea of Pakistan. Of course everybody has a right to disagree, and they were welcome to their ideas, and as John Kennedy coined the statement to “disagree without bring disagreeable”. Ms Saleena Kareem has exposed the way in which the statements of Quaid e Azam were twisted by Justice Munir  to serve different interests. The Ideology of Pakistan was under attack from both so called liberals and so called religious figures. You cannot take the love of Pakistan from the hearts of the people.

Quaid e Azam in Lahore
President Ayub Khan

Intellectuals under attack from both right and left wing fanatics was the order of the day. It goes to the credit of the Pakistani Army that it failed to get attracted to anti Pakistani imagery and remained committed to the Pakistani dream. In fact instead of protecting the Pakistani geography, the Pakistani Army is also protecting the Ideology of Pakistan. It should be understood that India remains our enemy and now at the hands of low IQ leaders it has every reasons to make blunders which will culminate in elimination of the world itself. With so many unexpected wars in the past, expected wars are there in the future. We need no prophesies to know that. It is well understood. And perhaps the time would come to use our depleted uranium bombs to stop them from their cold start doctrine. Two-bit journalists acting like intellectuals bombarding our sanity with meaningless banter. Everyone talking of end times when Allah says in the Quran itself, this information Allah has not shared with humankind in any way. It is a brand new world, with good fighting evil. Inshallah Pakistan will defeat the Indians at their games, as also the lobbies hiding behind them to bring us down. When Quaid e Azam embraced the cause of Palestine and rejected Israel, we reject Israel too. We hear of the torture Adolf Hitler committed on the poor Jews. Does it give a right to Zionists to do the same to people of Palestine and Kashmeer. The gallantry of the Mussulman is well known. There is a joy in even embracing shahadat. But we  need to come alive out of this. We need to be pioneers to carve a brand new world in the direction required by Allah. Pakistan is indeed the first step towards a brighter tomorrow! We want to see our children frolic, play and think for betterment of humankind. We want a balanced way of Saratul Mustaqeem. We are chivalrous. We do not want to harm others, we want to protect ourselves. BRING BACK THE TEACHINGS OF THE QURAN IN OUR LIVES! Do not mix them with fairy tales gathered over a thousand years. Thinking and pondering is our way of life.

P.S. If some names missed, sorry for that!
Aslam Jairapuri
Islamic Reconstruction start
Allama Muhammed Asad Department of Islamic Reconstruction


  1. Islam duniya kay leay sab kay wastay rahmat Allah kay bahtreen banday jo Allah ka farman mantay hain

  2. Swept with propaganda the nation is losing its ordinary common sense and infatuated with prediction syndrome

  3. Stephen Cohen’s death is sad and we will write about it but his tirade was not pro our ideology it was actual its bashing. My meeting with him at Chughtai museum is very historical.

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