Art and artists on Indian payroll

Mir Jaffer and son Mir Miran
Mir Jaffer and son Mir Miran

M.A. Rahman Chughtai was an exceptional man. He loved his country long before the country even came into being. In 1938 artists, critics as well as his loving admirers were convincing him to stay back in London and not going back to Indian region. The potential of great success was promised to him. It was possible for him to have all kinds of future there but without his country, he felt his life was meaningless. He came back and created a storm in the history of art in Pakistan.

This was obviously resented by foreign lobbies. Pakistan inherited a person who was termed as the “GREATEST LIVING ARTIST OF INDIA” in 1946 by Bombay Times. The object from day one was to bring him down. Much loved by Quaid-e-Azam and Dr Allama Iqbal, the artist was heavily patronized by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, and the PM of Pakistan used to take the artist to the airport to receive incoming foreign guests as part of his team of Ministers. But at that time speaking against Chughtai was like treason and no one dared to do the same. The exhibition at Alhamra in 1949 and Governor General Khawaja Nazimuddin was all praise for him. But jumping forward to 1952, when Governor General Ghulam Muhammed inaugurated his exhibition in Karachi, the speech written by the speech writers (and we know who wrote the speech) talked of being forward looking and leaving our art legacy behind. Governor General Ghulam Muhammed looked stupid in front of the journalists as well as people when he saw the subjects of the works at display, as the speech writer had made a nincompoop of him.

Governor General inauguration and speechwriters gaffe
Governor General inauguration and speechwriters gaffe

Field Marshal Ayub Khan was a big fan of the artist and visited his home in 1959, and later inaugurated many shows of the artist. The show in 1968 of AMAL E CHUGHTAI was the greatest, when the President presented a GIFT OF TWO LAKH RUPEES to the artist for the publication of Iqballian dream.

In 1950s foreign lobbies put the country on the Western bandwagon, and scarecrow artists started coming into Pakistan from India mainly as well as other places. Some flourished French beards and pipes in their mouths and spoke of PICASSO RENAISSANCE. Other alcoholics reveled in cut necks and dripping blood as imagery. Rootless, without Ideology, these mongrels were like those dogs who were neither of the home nor of the ghat (washing place) of the dhobi (washerman). A famous saying of here not without reason. Suddenly the people were cut of from art and culture in one sweep, for this new wave of art, engendered with money and use of media, had no sense or common sense for anyone here. VIPS could not differenciate mud on the canvas from a Master piece. The Ideology was under attack. Sensitivity of art became alien for the masses for they had no relation to borrowed art from other worlds.

PM and Artist
PM and Artist

I wish I could take names and expose these philistines (bastards and bitches) who just for material gain could put their country at stake. Indeed they were the Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs of Art, and they are very much here. Regularly going abroad as well as to India, they put a question mark on any patriotic activity and hail the literal shit of Pakistan as Fine Arts. Who can stop them? They think once Pakistan is finished, they will be well received in India.

TUM APNI KOM KAY NAHI HAMARI KOM KAY KEYA BANO GAI. It looks so old and like a stereotype but it is all very much true. Mr Jaffer’s children are still alive. Recently the grave of Mir Sadiq has been discovered in a waqf property of India. The graves of Mir Jaffers in Art of Pakistan will remind us of the great traitor of all times, like Judas and Brutus as well as others. It is the hero who survives intact in history and M.A. Rahman Chughtai thought in terms of Tipu Sultan that one day of a lion is better than 100 days of a Jackal. Allah bless you, Chughtai! You did well for your country and will continue to do so through Art that reflects the Ideology of Pakistan. An Ideology not merely of past but a blend of past, present and future, with innovations at every stage of life. The Quran with each scientific discovery becomes all new for us. We learn our lesson from the Divine revelations of life. Pakistan the most progressive Muslim Nation of the World.


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