Spit on the Moon and your own face is slighted

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Muhammad Ali Jinnah

The hypocrisy of the British Government in trying to eulogize Mahatma Gandhi just for gaining access to Indian markets and to make money. David Cameron trying to outdo William Churchill himself. Churchill used to ridicule Gandhi, now the ideas of the icon of Britain is being ridiculed by Cameron himself. Remember it as this so called educated Prime Minister who insisted that it was okay to ridicule the feelings of other ways of life by doing whatever one can. Here the preposterous venom of the French Cartoons.

So much hate material on Pakistan,Islam and our culture. No one sees that but only finds fault with our Ideology. Just Google the hate material. Not only trying to undo our Prophet (PBUH) the greatest man produced by mankind, but Jinnah as well. Trying to prove Jinnah was this and Jinnah was that. You stupid imbeciles, just lust for money is making you ridicule our icon. Spit on your face on and on.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah 2
Muhammad Ali Jinnah 2

‘No one like Jinnah. A man of character, handsome man, who evolved with time. But one thing about him was that he was INCORRUPTIBLE, and that is marked contrast with the abundant of corrupt people today. Most of these so called juvenile misgots, who are trying to undermine Jinnah for personal gains. Shameless behavior. As a famous person calls them BAYGHAIRAT BIRGADE.

With time either a person goes down, or goes up in the esteem of everyone. The stuff of legends, Quaid e Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah is our saviour forever. All the time character flaws in the life of Mahatma Gandhi comes up in light, and even the international media masks those flaws. The Government of India paid a preposterous sum to buy the personal letters between Gandhi and his so called Jewish lover. Books repeat the so called hidden stories of his preferences. He is accused of incest multiple times. But this the media or the Bayghairats can forgo, and a man of impeccable character, they are trying their level best to bring down. Spit on the Moon. You know the results!

Muhammad Ali Jinnah 3
Muhammad Ali Jinnah 3


  1. In retrospect,there is 1 evidence of the genius of Jinnah, which is providentially proven by the Hindoo Nazis.

    Jinnah – is the only sentient,ever,who sensed the evil of the Hindoo and the Indian vermin, and placed it on documentary record.This is inspite of the fact, that he was surrounded by Hindoo liberals and philosophers,and so called liberals.He saw through the mist, for 100 years into the future.

    He saw that Nehru and Gandhi would die and be killed soon and the nation of the Hindoos,would be overrun by the Hindoo Nazis,as it was, in 2014.The Dialectics of History !

    It is a simple deconstructed fact of history.The largest extermination in Human history was that of the Buddhists and Buddhism – by the Hindoos,and the philosophy of the Hindoo Pope – Adi Shankara and his litter of impotenticas .And Jinnah read history.

    The dubious “Indian Muslims” who are basically the lower caste Hindoos,who converted,are numb nuts and dumb shits (still enslaved to upper caste Hindoos) – who believed the secular nation theory,and the bunk of the Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati Culture ! There are 200 million of these dumb shits ! It is no wonder that these numb nuts did not create a new Pakistan or join Pakistan !

    They are lower caste Hindus who tolerated Hindoo evil for 5000 years – with not a single record of insurrection !

    Those who left India in 1947 – did not have the “Indian DNA” – they were not the lower caste hindoos who converted to Islam

    Even the Prophet of Islam,did not sense the evil of the Hindoo vermin – although there were several Hindoo vermin, in Mecca,then.The Prophet is supposed to have made statements on the cool winds of Hind and the Prophet-hood of Krishna – which are dubious and meaningless Hadeeths.The Hindoo vermin say that Ramadan is Rama-adan and the “Indian Muslims” say that Rama is a Imam ! This is the Harry Potter tale !

    Ghazwa-E-Hind is a prophecy of eventuality (like those of Nostradamus) – not a statement of evil !dindooohindoo

    Do these “Indian Muslims” deserve doom ? After 80 years of cinderella and Harry Potter tales,the dubious “Indian Muslims” still do not get it ! These fools believe in the Hindoo Constitution and Judiciary !

    And Jinnah saw it in 1930-47 ! The man from London ! There was another genius from London – called – Churchill – who said “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

    There is something about London – the air,weather,wine and women !

    And Jinnah’s example,is w/o any peer in human history – wherein, a warrior,king or saint has made a nation by extricating itself from the pits of evil,sensing evil and documenting evil,and then,being proven right,in a span of 80 years.

    Jinnah – the genius – the man’s trajectory from wine,pork,cigars,pipes and women to the Qaid !

    This is E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N !

    The 1 flaw in Jinnah – minutae of intellectual discrimination ! Never eat from the hands of a Kaffir or allow the human body to be touched by a kaffir ! He was poisoned by a Hindoo – just like the Prophet was poisoned by a Jew-ess ! dindooohindoo

    1. Thanks is all I can say. But we do not carry hatred in us. Our Deen guides us to have tolerance for others. When we persevere the rest reveals itself on its own.

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