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Sarcophagus of Ali Hujweri
Sarcophagus of Ali Hujweri

The ride to our school was in a Lahori Tonga, and the tonga-wala Barkat used to drive it. There was a group of students all headed for Saint Anthony’s School and Cathedral Sacred Heart School, Lahore. Shahbaz Shareef was in Cathedral Sacred Heart and Nawaz Shareef was in Saint Anthonys. The eldest of our lot included two brothers Sultan and Khaleel. And it was a carriage full of students of all ages. Sultan and Khaleel were discussing a news that had come in the national newspaper then. Animal remains had been discovered in the grave of Ali Hujweri, known as Data Darbar. And scholars were talking about it. And the ultimate reference came to the Safinat-ul-Aulia, a manuscript book of Prince Dara Shikoh, in which he writes about many Saints, and in reference to Ali Hujweri, he says that Ali Hujweri is buried in the corner of the Lahore Fort, and he contributed a brand new sarcophagus to the Saint’s grave, made of chaste marble and exquisite workmanship. Then from where has come the present burial location of the Saint?

What do we get from history? Of the many books written by Ali Hujweri, only one has come down to us. In this book Ali Hujweri himself tells us that he was brought in Lahore in chains, under the instructions of Sultan Masood Ghaznavi, and he was a prisoner here. This is not second hand information, this is a statement of Ali Hujweri himself. For many centuries we find no reference to Ali Hujweri. It is Dara Shikoh who spotlighted many of the Saints of Lahore, and re-kindled interest in Ali Hujweri himself. Then we have the writings of Nur Ahmad Chisti and Ghulam Sarwar Lahori. Nur Ahmad Chisti speaks of the two festivals at the Mazar of Ali Hujweri, all celebrated in Lahore. But does not specify the location. Interestingly he says that the Mazar is near the Takia of Qutub Shah, and that all sort of dancing girls and prostitutes assemble here for the festivity, and there are Mujras of the Dancing girls of Lahore there.

It is Muhammed Lateef in his ‘History of Lahore’ who specifies the present location of the Mazar in 1896. We do not have any specifics before that, although we are told that there was hardly anything there. The new domed mausoleum over Data Darbar was constructed in 1861 by Nur Muhanmmed Sadoo and the inscription to the same is still there. A mosque was built in 1878 on older models of architecture and it is not known who built it, although claims are made by the grandson of philanthropist Rasool Baksh Tarrar, that he attached this mosque to the mausoleum. . To search for truth is a must and we know that few are bothered about it.

Ghulam Rasool Tarrar
Ghulam Rasool Tarrar

My cousin Ejaz Sarwar is a brave person. I am not that reckless. He can jump in the deepest well, without even thinking how he will get out of it. We are world apart in our thoughts, but have things in common. I asked him to search the Fort for clues. With a journalist card from ‘Jhang’ group it was easy for him to do many things. First he had to gain access to the storey below the present storey level of the Lahore Fort, and then he had to use a ladder to get down a deserted well of the past. In the middle of the well and obviously pitch dark, there was a ventilator, and he had to slip the ladder to the other side of the well, to get even more down the same storey. Then through a window, into other rooms, he came across the hidden grave of a Saint there. I got invitation from him again and again to traverse the journey with him, but I politely declined. He took a lot of photographs and showed them to me too. My research was not limited to foolhardiness, in the dark nooks and corners of a forgotten time. But everything pointed out to the correctness of the grave. A thousand years is equal to about thirty feet of Lahore, as assessed by us in more places than one. We have found relics of the Ghaznavid period at thirty feet below Lahore. The thirty feet is also very evident in the Lahore Fort. The Saint buried in the Lahore Fort is no less than a 1000 years old.

Of course we are not the official research wing of anybody. We do things for we love Lahore, and that is our only reason. But the question we kept on asking to ourselves. How can the grave of Ali Hujweri move from the Lahore Fort to the present site? The answer was obvious. The grave was frequented by thousands of followers of the ICON OF PUNJAB, and posed a serious threat to the security of the British troops stationed here in Lahore. How could British allow unfettered access to the grave to hordes of people? Yes the coffin could have been transported, but they would not risk that. That kind of thing was done with SAINT BILAWAL. When floods threatened his mazar, the grave was dug and his remains transferred to a new site, and that is on everybody’s record. Even Muhammed Lateef has a story about it. The same happened with the Mazar of Shah Sharaf. Around 1839, this Mazar was also brought down, and the coffin was removed from the grave and transported to another area of Lahore, Dulla wari, where it is still there in existence. So they promoted a new site and the people caught up with it. And the Mazar of Ali Hujweri came into a new site. Wrong! Perhaps. Right! Perhaps. Our job is not to prove or even disprove things. Our job is to research. The conclusions are there for anyone who wants them. It may be interesting for people to know that in the 1950s, all text books of Punjab, mentioned the burial site of Ali Hujweri in the Lahore Fort. Now that is proof for everyone.

The Mazar of Ali Hujwerei has been dug many times. When the new complex was being built, it was dug down many feet, probably even 40 feet or more. We passed it every day and were sure things would be found there. But nothing of that sort happened. There were no residues there, no pottery, no old skeletons, nothing at all. In fact near Bhatti gate, in a digging for Siemens drainage project, a host of skeletons were discovered, buried together from olden times. This was just outside the city wall. A result of either disease or dead soldiers buried together. The residents got all kind of creeps there due to them. In fact the nearby Mazar of Masoom (Bholay) Shah is indeed very below the surface of the road, and is probably even older than the same period. But the Mazar of Data Darbar did not have remains of olden times. In fact the burial place should have been 30 feet down. It was not. It was near the surface. People can obviously do research on same to discover the truth. Who knows? The truth is not self evident.


      1. The site of chilla is mentioned nowhere at all. We do not know where Hazrat Ghareeb Nawaz did same. Perhaps at that time it was in the Lahore Fort. Maulana Ahmad Ali (a great personality of Lahore) has also done a chilla and found the grave in Lahore Fort. It is all a matter of faith, belief. Not a scientific calculation in any way. But there is no imposition. Everyone is welcome to their belief. Nothing wrong in it.

      2. Sir Muhammad Karim Sb please don’t argue with the writer of this post because purpose of this article is to create panic among devotees of Data Ali Hajvery. It is clear by hate speech. Despite such posts or millions more still all I can say with the promise that Visitors number at Data Darbar will be increased. So keep trying!

    1. Can you please clear one thing.. I hered somewhere hazrat ali hajwari actuallay burried in Shahi Qila…
      This is the only Yaadgaar place where propose come for visit or Urs
      Is that right

  1. yeah that’s it –
    this sunday i gave Rs.100 to the guard at Nur Jehan’s tomb to take me to the basement.

    is there lots of things to see under ground?

    1. So much in the sense of discovery. Closed from long. Some time back an intact room was discovered when the roof caved in. But mostly empty spaces.

  2. These days I am reading English Translation of Kashful Mahjub by R. A. Nicholson. I was attracted by the chapter on “Discourse on the Superiority of the Prophets to the Saints on P.235. I somewhere read, which i have forgotten and are very keen to find the reference. The story is that when the holy Sanit Data Ganj Bakhsh built the Mosque in Lahore and congregational prayers were started there , some people objected that its direction towards the Ka’bah was not correct. The opposition increased day by day. Till one day Dada Sahib led a congregation at the mosque and made a statement that the direction is absolutely correct. And if any body is in doubt, then he should look out. When the people looked out, they saw the Ka’bah through the mehraab. This silenced the objectors.
    If you have any where read this event, please give me the reference. I shall be grateful.

    1. Reference is at hundreds of place but this is the stuff of myths, as no sane man will believe. I will try to see which reference is best for you. Keep calm. The laws that Allah made are there forever and no man can change them. The Prophet (PBUH) himself went through the rigorous process of life. As did all the Caliphs. One can accept the spiritual aspect of Sufis but never them as magicians.

  3. Sir, please upload the pictures which your friend took when he saw the real grave of saint ali hujwiri in lahore fort deep in well 30 feet below?

    & sir i also have dreams about it i can talk it with you personally.

  4. Aoa,

    loved reading your blog about Mazar of Ali Hujwerei. I did see the Mazar in Lahore Fort in 1962, but did not know whom it might be. I will be in Lahore would Like to meet you can you Please email me your email and we can communicate and set up meeting place.

  5. There is a grave in Lahore fort before the sheesh mehal and the well courtyard. Its in a basement locked by bars. Is this grave of Ali hajveri.

  6. Arif i have some info related to the grave of DATA GUNJ BAKSH … please contact me on my email as early as possible …. i am badly in curiousity please … i have to ask some things from you.. and want to tell something to you .

    1. So nice to hear from you. I have no access to your email that is with the computer guys. Mine is simply chughtaimuseumlahore(@)hotmail(dot)com. Please get in touch. I am excited too.

  7. A fossilized group of Multan is making a stupid plan to steal the bones of Ali Hujweri for their black magic purposes. How moronic can one get? Need I say more. Keep away from our heritage.

  8. I have visited that place multiple times in recent past its more than 1000 years ago but grave at Fort was way before his (Hazrat Ali Hajvari’s) arrival.

    1. The foundations of Muslim Lahore is not more than a 1000 years plus. A historian writes that there was not even one Muslim around 980s AD in Lahore. The grave is certainly after that. Whose? You find out.

  9. Yes you are absolutely right, not wrong.. My father is 72 year old. He tells us that Ali Hajvery’s real grave is in lahore fort, near Mooti masjid. But it is hidden from the site of mass. He says that in his school books he read the same information, you mentioned about the saint’s grave. Not only this, His close friend was son of a big majavar of data darbar. My daddy tells me that his friend told him the true story that due to security purposes, original grave has been kept hidden, and here on current location, only ta’aviz of qabr is fixed. My daddy had seen the original grave in Lahore fort, with his friend secretly.
    I am from the family of khwaja Bahauddin zakriyya. Through him our family tree links to Hadrat syyedna Abu bakr Siddiq may Allah be pleased with him. And our ancestors have great close relations with Great Sufi Syed Ali Hajvery r.a. More overq, in Kasfaf ul Mahjoob, Syed started his Silsila e tasawwuf from Syedna Abu bakr siddiq and mentioned him his First imam of tasawwuf.


    1. Assalamualaikum . Can your father help me in visiting real grave of Ali Hajveri R.A in lahore fort.

      Dr wajid ali rafai

    2. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place more than 200 times that is another sufi saint I shall tell you in detail . Call me +92 333 4033331. Thanks

  10. Hi, great blog. I had read in a book by a Sufi saint that there is a hidden grave in Lahore Fort. The saint buried there was the Ghaus of his time. Although his name was Syed Ali Hujveri too but he was a different saint from the one buried in Data Darbar. The book basically says that there were two Ali Hujveris who lived in Lahore. The Sufi who wrote the book further says that he was able to communicate with the Lahore Fort walay Ali Hujveri through Kashf and he strictly prohibited him to give out the exact location of his grave. So this theory says that there were two saints of great stature, both named Syed Ali Hujveri who lived in Lahore during different times

      1. Arif bhai ! You told us about the real grave of hazrat syed ali hajvery daata ganj bakhsh that its in the basement of Lahore fort, can you please show us that photographs which your friend took ?

        1. No longer that grave is in old condition. It is thoroughly renovated by devotees and prayers are held every thursday on it. The Archaeology Department calls it the grave of a HOLY MAN OF PAST with no details. Photos exist of new condition of grave. Real research would be to dig its surroundings, check the type of brick used, and possibility of leftovers of olden times. But that attitude is not in Pakistan. The bureaucrat least interested in same. Its depth needs to be measured too. Jahanzaib visit it and research it.

          1. mr arif chugtai tell pls that one can now easily go to that grave at lahore fort on every thursday or not ?

    1. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place more than 200 times that is another sufi saint I shall tell you in detail . Call me +92 333 4033331. Thanks

      1. I do not need to know. You are not even reading my writings. It is not my subject. We offer points for research only. Reacting without even knowing the contents is sign of illiterate Pakistan.

    1. inside lahore fort , water well is locked by iron bars . it has no lock . it is permanently sealed . how can one approach to that grave now ? how many years ago you went there ?

          1. Ye kisine zulm ker diya renovation ka.
            We don’t know the values of the originals.
            Thanks for posting dear.
            How to reach there. I am in Rawalpindi and in the same quest since 2008.

    1. this pic was taken by my self on last thursday . time was between 4.30 to 5pm . as they only open for few minutes between asar & maghrib . wahan per jo local fort officials hain woh wahan har thursday milaad kerwatay hain . they have become ‘ chaudry ‘ & ‘ thaikaydaar ‘ of this grave . 10 to 15 officals do millad on every thursday before 4.30pm there & nobody is allowed to go there while there officers are doing millad & after their millad is finished they all come out at approx 4.30 pm then it is only opened for hardly 5 minutes for local public . thats it . & what did u mean by ‘ not real now ‘ ? it is exactly in current state . pic taken on this very last thursday by my self . i have other pics too . they don’t allow to take pics but i did by flaterring guard

      1. Rizwan bhai aap ny jo pic upload ki ha shahi qilay wali wo qabr kya waqiye hazrat Daata Saab ki ha ya is k peechay kuch aur raaz ha yaar kuch pta lgwao main but preshan hu is cheez ko ly k

        1. jahanzaib i don’t know woh qabar waqai data sahab ki ha ya nhe because iam not God . . . aik solution ha . jo bhaati mai data darbar ha us ki qabar ko bhi khouda jaai aur jo yai qabar ha qillay wali is ko bhi khouda jai by government phir pata lag jai ga asli qabar ka . baki aik aur solution bhi ha . aap dono jagah jao bhatti data darbar bhi aur yahan qillay bhi . jo aap kay dil ko appeal karay wahn jaon . kuch loug data darbar jaa ker data sahab ki qabar se mutasir ya faiz ya english mai spirtual upliftment ki bajai bhara sa darbar jo nawaz sharif ne banwaya ha us building se mutasir ho ker aa jatay hain . ya wahan bhaati walay darbar jo aas paas loug bol rahay hotay hain us se mutasir ho jatay hain . mai aisa nhe mai naa darbar ki building ko mind mai rakhta hoon aur naa he logon ki baton ko jo woh apnay mind kay lehaz se bol rahay hotay hain darbar per mai direct qabar se contact ya inspire honay ki koushish kerta hoon . aur aap ko aik baat bataon due to construction of bhaati data darbar wali qabar that grave looks very raub aur dabdaba because of its outer appereance but sakoon asal qilay wali qabar mai ha

          1. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place more than 200 times that is another sufi saint I shall tell you in detail . Call me +92 333 4033331. Thanks

        2. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place but that is another sufi saint. I shall tell you in detail. Call me +92 333 4033331.

    2. mr arif rahman , kindly upload your pics as well . why aren’t you uploading ? is that possible there are 2 graves in lahore fort basement if your pics are different ? waiting for your reply

  11. I have asked my cousin if he has the original pictures. Dara Shikoh so of Shah Jahan openly states that the grave of Data Darbar is in the Lahore Fort. He had a marble sarcophagus made for it. Ranjit Singh’s wife also renovated it. I am working on it.

    1. but according to guards there this grave was of pure mud just in urdu ‘ Kachi qabar ‘ until recently almost 3 years back it was kachi qabar . i used my sources and went to higher officials at lahore fort they also confirmed that it was kachi qabar of mud even before lahore fort was built here until recently it is made pakki qabar only 3 years ago in present condition . big question here is if dara shikho & others have contributed to marble to the saints grave where is that marble work ? mughals were masters of making anything from marble . if prince of that time had ordered to make a saints grave of marble then where that marble gone ? this current border of marble is only 3 years ago . i confirmed from old devotees there who are coming from last 6 to 7 years there yet they don’t know whose grave it is either i don’t know or you might also not know , these devotees also said with pure confidence that this was indeed pure kachi qabar until 2014 . now where all the marble of dara shikhow & others gone ? no trace of that marble & workmanship proofs that ali hajveri might be burried in lahore fort but this grave is not of ali hajveri agar dara shikho ko base banana ha .

      1. Read my blog. Again. Removed my British to protect the security of the Lahore Fort after War of Independence of 1857. Security purposes the Wall of Lahore City was demolished as well as most of the Gates of the City. A larger road was carved out inside the city for attack by horses and even soldiers on elephants. This thing was done with other MAZARS also. Read my blog carefiully! AGAIN.

    1. jahanzaib after visiting that grave of lahore fort on thursday on that very night i saw a dream of extreme earthquake at about 3.30am on friday & guess what ? i was reciting a name of great saint of Iran’s name in my dream . i was reciting Yaa Abu Al hassan Al kharaqani again n again & my sleep broked & i got up trembling with great fear . mai dil he dil mai sochta raha kay why i was reciting a name of Iran’s grratest sufi master in my dream & today i saw on t.v that earthquake had hit upon iran killing 130+ people . in my dream earthquake was seen at my home but my home was not damaged while reciting Great sufi masters name . this could mean that my home pakistan was not affected by earthquake as well . meaning i saw a true dream after visiting that qilla grave . Abu Al hassan Kharqani is so great sufi master that Hazrat baa yazid predicted his birth before 90 years of his birth & told his people that Abu al hassan Al kharqanis maqaam will be 3 times greater than him . and about bayazids bastami maaqam hazrat junaid baghdai said that bayazid status among us is like jibrael status among angels . now if bayazid bastami is saying that abu al hassan kharqani is 3 times more rutbaa than me than you can imagine his status . i was trembelling with so much fear after that dream that qasam khuda ki i thought that kay mujhay qillay kay basement se koi jin ya churail chimar gai ha because i never felt so much fear after that dream but after few days today i realized that i saw damn true dream .

      1. Allah aap py reham farmaye aur humain seedhay rastay py chlnay ki tofeeq ataa farmaye aur main ny 1 aalim say is maslay ka baray main pucha ha k Ali hajvery ki grave kidr ha to unho nh btaya ha k hazrat Ali Hajvery ki grave Daata Darbar opposite bhaati gate main he ha aur ye shahi qila wali baat doosray maslak k logon ny phelai ha ta k lig daata darbar jana chor dain and please close down this topic and don’t comment on it any more, may Allah guide us on a straight path and Allah knows best

        1. jahanzaib aik point ha waisay agar data sahab ne hazaron logon ko musalman kiya tha tou atleast kuch aur dosray logon ki qaboor bhi honi chaiye thee sath kiun k itni big aalim aur sufi kay sath kaun dafan hona nhe chahay ga ? as a saawab ya bakshish kuch loug tou wasiyat kertay kay humain mernay k baad itni azeem hasti k aas paas yaa un kay qadmon mai dafan kerna sirf yai point ha jo mai 100 % sure nhe hoo k woh qillay wali qabar waqai ali hajveri ki ha ya . baki reh gai baat prince daara shikoh ki tou us ne apni kitab yai likha ha kay har jumairat aur jumay ko aik bahut zada tadaad logon ki visit kerti ha ali hajveri ki qabar ko aur jo 4 jumairat musalsal jai is ki dua qabool hoti ha aur us ne yai ilfaaz istamal kiye hain kay yai faqeer bhi wahan gaya ha aur un ki qabar mubarik qillay kay maghrib mai waqaya ha . qillay kay andar ilfaaz istamal nhe kiye us ne but he used these words kay qillay kay maghrib mai wakaya ha . aab bhaati gaye qillay k maghrib mai ha ya nhe yai mujhay nhe pata baki qillay ki basement wali qabar mai kuch tou ha warna mujhay sachi khawab naa aati but saath mai mujhay aisa dar bhi laga k aaj tak nhe laga hoga kiya pata koi saya naa ho udhar but sath mai sachi khawab bhi aa gai . i belong to very educated family i dont beleive in peer fakeers who sell religion for their income but i do strongly believe in saints . saints do have miraclous powers agar kisi ko yaqeen nhe kerna tou christianity kay saints like saint anthony aur saint francis aur dosray saints ko search ker k dhaikh lai there whole life is just like baba fareed & moin ud deen chishty . they did performed miracles like raising dead . curing blindness . restoring poccessed persons from devils & jins . farak itna ha kay jaisay Nabi s.a.w ko tamam nabiyon per foqiyat hasil ha issi tarhan nabi s.a.w kay aulliya ko dosray religions kay saints per foqiyat hasil ha . catholics are just like sunni . un kay haan bhi religious orders hain just like our silsilah junaidiya . qadriya . chishtiya . catholics kay haa bhi saints ne different religious orders ki bunyaad rakhi by jesus grace . catholic sect is just after jesus pbuh . but un kay haan bhi wahabi paida ho chukay hain protestants kay naam per koi sirf 350 – 400 saal pehlay jaisay humaray haan wahabi paida huway hain woh bhi saints ko nhe mantay aur kehtay hain kay yai bhi humaray tarhan aam insaan hain . asal baira gharak humaray apnay logon ne ilyas qadri jaisay cartoon ne image kharab kiya sunni islam ka . agar tahir ul qadri siyasat mai naa aata tou i could admire him just as a teacher & preacher nothing more than that but awlliya kay silsilay mai aanay ki pehli shart siyasat aur hakumat se doori ha but tahir ul qadri used his religion to came in politics . so it is better to go to sufi tombs of authentic saints of islam rather going to ilyas qadri cartoon & tahir ul qadri siasat daan . i visit mian meer . shah jamal . inayat shah qadri ( sufi master of bullay shah ) . yaqoob zanjani . data sahab . perr maki . & beleive me after visting them you wont need any so called suni teachers like ilyas qadri & tahir ul qadri .

          1. Well Rizwan.
            One answer to a question you raised here. I might be mentioning it right.
            You said that you have one question that “ager Daata sahib ki ye Qabr hoti tou aas paas kuch or loug bhi daffan hotay”
            If you read the blog, it is already mentioned that in several diggings in the Current Daata Darbaar, nothing was found. But near the wall of Shahi Qilla, several skeletons had been found in diggings.
            Man, it’s one of the most interesting and Important Topic because NISHAANI ya MIZAAR ki ehmiyat itni zyada hai jo is baat se saabit hai keh,
            Christians have started thinking, repeat started, thinking that are Hazrat Mariam AS and Hazrat Eesa AS were real or just characters from the tales. This is because of no Nishani and Graves.
            I congratulate the owner of this blog for his this work.

          2. Dara Shiko died in 1659
            Qilla built in 1674.
            Isn’t it?
            How come he can mention Qillay kay maghrib mein qabr hai.

          3. The Lahore Fort was built by Emperor Akbar in its present settings,after 1575 AD, and later modified by Jahangeer, and then by Shah Jahan. Even Aurangzeb added to it. The set up was similar in the time of the Sultans, though not much is known of that period.
            The first historical reference to a fort at the site is from the 11th century during the rule of Mahmud of Ghazni. The fort was made of mud, and was destroyed in 1241 by the Mongols during their invasion of Lahore.[6] A new fort was constructed in 1267 at the site by Sultan Balban of the Turkic Mamluk dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate.[7] The re-built fort was destroyed in 1398 by the invading forces of Timur, only to be rebuilt by Mubarak Shah Sayyid in 1421,[8] In the 1430s, the fort was occupied by Shaikh Ali of Kabul.[9] and remained under the control of the Pashtun sultans of the Lodi dynasty until Lahore was captured by the Mughal Emperor Babur in 1524.

          4. Qilla was never built in 1674 Omer Sahib. In its present form it was built after 1575 AD. Although the original Qilla was there in Ghazanavid period too. Check sources!

    2. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place more than 200 times that is another sufi saint I shall tell you in detail . Call me +92 333 4033331. Thanks

  12. Chughtai Museum writes about things after much research and does not work on heresy but documentations. Even then we are open to more research and information However Pakistanis are famous for giving historical narratives as if they were witness to a 1000 years of history. Make claims on research and documentation not blabbers of old wive’s tales. Our research remains open.

  13. I wish to see grave in lahore fort… few years ago I went downstairs to that grave but the way was closed due to renovation.

  14. It opens on Thursday for short time and we will put photos of it soon but there is attribution only no proof except historical documentations. One can accept what one wants to believe.

  15. We have manuscripts of Data Darbar’s book as well as writings of Mahjawar of the grave. Will pin them too. Some religious books written inside Lahore Fort.

  16. As said before a simple RADAR survey can tell us what is in the grave. Agha Khan foundation already using radar outside the Lahore Fort. Simple

    1. We have a video and will post it soon. It is open now, at that time it was completely deserted. Fresh research is coming up.

      1. Tomorrow one of my friend’s uncle told me that he had visited Data sab in Lahore fort in 1980’s.But now a days they not allowed any one to go down.

  17. Asslamualaikum, Alhamdolillah, I can try my best to tell you where the Shrine is of Ali Hajveri r.a? I have visited that place more than 200 times that is another sufi saint I shall tell you in detail . Call me +92 333 4033331. Thanks

  18. Assalam O Alaikum to all – I have read the comments & blog after my first visit to the grave site yesterday – thanx to the very talented guide I found at Lahore fort (Ali). Post a little research I found this:
    The resident of the grave is Hazrat Syed Usman famously known as Shah Jhola Bukhari (912 Hijri – 1506)
    Reference of the book is: Auliya e Lahore
    Allah SWT knows better

    1. Read Sakinat aulia in book and ms by Dara Shikoh son of Shah Jahan. Published by Ferozesons too in urdu.

    2. you are absolutely right i am bukhari syed from lahore . Hazrat Usman Ali shah Jhoola Bukhari is my grandfather . It is mentioned in our shajraa which was written approximately 400 years ago and there is clearly written that Hazrat Usman Ali shah Jhoola bukhari’s grave is in Qila Lahore I have all the proves

  19. The Grave in Qila Lahore is of Hazrat Usman Ali Shah Jhoola Bukhari who from Uchh Sharif and to Lahore He is the descendent of Hazrat Jallalludin Surkhposh Bukhari . I am bukhari syed from lahore and our shajraa has the name of Hazrat Usman Ali Shah Jhoola Bukhari name in it and there is clearly written in it that his grave is in Qila lahore . my shajraa is approximately 400 years old I have all the Proves that the grave in Qila Lahore is of Hazrat Usman Ali Shah Jhoola Bukhari . I have all the details about him you can contact for the details 03004524900

  20. Sir with due respect can i have your number please
    I’m leaving my WhatsApp number as
    Well please contact me please once

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