Permanent and consensual values

Title: Call of Pakistan
Title: Call of Pakistan

When Pakistan was created, the foreign lobbies had to devise strategies. The very first strategy was that since Quaid was such a popular leader and his character above reprove, destroy him by proving him to be not Islamic in character at all, but some sort of believer in secularism. For that various ruses were adopted, and even that figure of Justice Munir turned out to be a mere fraud, as proven by researcher Saleena Karim, as well as others, before her. The best biography on the Quaid’s struggle is of course the book on same by G.A. Pervaiz  (Islamic adviser to the Quaid himself) of Lahore.

When the secular ruse was proving to be becoming thinner and thinner, now a new ruse has been devised and farthings pretending to be pounds, are taking on the Quaid himself. Such zeros cannot overturn our hero, but they are under compulsion of their financial backing to say what ever their Masters are saying. The aim to destroy the Ideology of Pakistan. And after that to destroy Pakistan itself.

The sad part is that these rogues of our society have no knowledge of the Quran at all. In fact in urge to imitate their foreign Masters, they are actually atheistic and agnostics most of them. And even if they have some knowledge of the Quran, it is what non believers have already fiddled with in conception. The Quran gives some permanent values and THOSE CANNOT BE CHANGED BY MAN. The Quran also speaks of IJJTEHAD, and that means anything outside the permanent values, Man can aspire to modify or change with consensus of majority,and that is the democratic spirit. These are simple rules and easily understood by all. The confusion is generated by the Seculars and the Mullahs, both two sides of the same coin, and being financed by foreign lobbies.

Of course Quaid e Azam did not want Pakistan stuck in some status-quo, but what did he preach? Did he say the dream of Pakistan is stuck somewhere? The Quran does not get stuck at all and recomends change with changing times, by thinking and pondering over matters. But only of certain things, not everything. The dream of Pakistan is that it is the first step towards the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam and the renaissance was to be of consistent nature. And who destroyed this renaissance? Petty people with petty requirements, unlike any democratic spirit, they had no love for the masses of Pakistan. Love Pakistan or leave Pakistan, or we will make you exit Pakistan!


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    Lakh ropay di gal :

    “The confusion is generated by the Seculars and the Mullahs, both two sides of the same coin, and being financed by foreign lobbies.”

    The 99% of silent masses are sandwiched by Mullahs and Liberal Faciasts !


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