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The artist belonged to a remarkable family of artists, architects, calligraphers, mathematicians, and astronomers.About twelve steps can be traced which moves the family from Lahore to Herat, then Timurid Capital. Very simply, Abdur Rahman Chughtai was son of Mian Kareem Baksh, son of Raheem Baksh, son of Mian Salah, son Mian Karam ud din, son of Amir ud din, son of Imam ud din, son of Lutufullah Muhandis, son of Ustad Ahmad Mimar, son of Yusuf Burkurdar, son of Hussain, son of Abdul Lateef. Ustad Ahmad Mimar was born in Lahore, after Ustad Yusuf had come from Herat with Emperor Babar. Ustad Yusuf was a student of Ustad Sinan of Turkey. What Ustad Ahmad did here is phenomenal? Eventually he became the Chief Architect of Emperor Shah Jahan and is responsible for most of the buildings in Shahjahani era. History records him as Architect of Red Fort Delhi, and Jamia Masjid Delhi. . But the most spectacular creation of his is the design for Rauza e Mumtaz Mahall more properly known as Taj Mahal. The recent memoir by Wayne Begley and Ebba Koch for the Harvard University records all this. Ustad Ahmad gave the world the Taj Mahal, Chughtai the artist did it in painting and gave a new School o Art. The Story Teller depicts the Taj Mahal as well as Chughtai handling of it. Genes rebound and creative genes rebound most.

Story Teller – Taj Mahal

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  1. Hello
    I have read the information on this blog, and some of the history belongs to my family. I have written a book about my ancestors, and I am planning to add some more information in it, can you please give me an introduction of you, and where you have your sources from?

    Shazad Chughtai, Copenhagen, Denmark

    1. I’d be very interested to know about chughtais living in The walled city of Lahore and surrounding areas especially. Jzk khr


    2. Hello, I am an art student studying alevels and currently working on my thesis. My topic of thesis is related to Mughal Era. I would appreciate if i can have a discussion or information related to Abdur Rehman Chughtai.

  2. It is really nice to know that 45 countries have read us in one way or the other. We had something like 329 views in two days out of 2829 views in three months. We are very happy in telling the world about the softest side of Pakistan, the intellectual Pakistan as it was meant to be.

  3. Hello the world. 58 countries, 5207 views. Pakistan is a rising country with love for the worlds,. Do not let media fool you of our existence. We are Muslims and firmly believe in Islam and Islam means PEACE for the world. Try us. All foreigners who come here leave happy and contented with us. The people not the Government. Love you!

  4. I was wondering if you knew where I could find the private papers of the former US Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Langley.

    1. We have a letter on record as well as other American Embassy archives. Chughtai Sahib was offered an invitation to USA by him as well as by Schuyler Wallace of Columbia University. All friends of the highest order. Those Americans were a special breed, patriotic to the core but they had COMPASSION too. Nowadays pragmatic approach makes people devoid of any principles., Best wishes from Pakistan! Contact me at chughtaimuseumlahore@hotmail.com for friendly communication.

  5. UNIQUE VISITORS FROM USA 5035, FROM INDIA 1072. Two nations communicating with each other on our blog. Well done! A hand of friendship is overdue. AFTER USA MOST INTEREST FROM INDIA.

  6. One year completes. Views nearing Thirty thousand, countries 130. It gives us a good feeling that we are presenting the cultural and intellectual face of Pakistan, darkened by the political face of our country. It is time not for new Pakistan, but it is time for regaining the creative spirit of the 1947 struggle and achievement, with million of thanks for Dr Allama Iqbal, Quaid e Azam and Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz. Thanks Allah first for giving us this opportunity. Blessings for Planet Earth, a world view of life.

  7. In Aman kee Asha there was a severe attack on our site and it remained SUSPENDED for some time. Sorry for this, and thanks to Allah for saving us from these kind of cheap tirades rom morons on the other side.

  8. I am told that someone tried to register blogghughtaimuseum.com in attempt to clone our site for nefarious reasons. Be warned of same.

  9. Welcome. We like to keep in touch with you. I will share some information about the rangamati mosque. Can send you printed matter. Provide address and phone number. Best wishes!

  10. 150 countries around 60400 plus views . Whoa. I feel few Pakistani sites reached so many countries. We are really the voice of unheard Pakistan,

  11. Dear Mr Arif
    With Ref to Hafiz Abdul Majid (Kot Abdul Malik) I want to see you to discuss astrolabes and celestial globes . Do you visit Islamabad ? regards


  13. 107000 ticks views on blog and yet few people bother to tick likes. We try our best to give to you what no other source can. We need to be appreciated so that we know your inclination and serve you better. Make it a two way process.

  14. Funny kind of people in the world expressing love for persons for whom they actually have no knowledge. Some seem to think that Raja Jaipal as some kind of icon when he seem to be a coward in all ways and could not defend his way of life as with a couple of thousands he soon had lakhs of Muslims in Lahore. Do not forget we are Muslims and Islam does not recognize ethnic and racial overtures. So grow beyond caste and become egalatarianism oriented.

  15. An Indian writer in his malice calls the Taj Mahal as MUMMY MAHAL. What a shame? In Islam if a burial is temporary, the person is buried n AMANAT, to be taken out again for reburial. That is what happened with Queen Mumtaz Mahal. To call her body a Mummy is a contempt according to Islamic laws. Beware!

  16. The art on this blog is so beautiful! I am truly inspired by it. I have a blog as well if you would like to see some of mine, I provided a link below. What kind of style is this art? Are there artists that you get your inspiration from?

  17. Secular loonies trying to rewrite our history for lump sum benefits. Muhammed bin Qasim still sends a fiit of Diarrhea to these lunatics and tearing chachnama with illusions of being wrong and trying to change time line. Even Mahmud Ghaznavi, Qutbuddin Aibeg, Tipu Sultan upsets your nerves. Drink the cup of your own shame! Shame on your existence modern Abu Jahls.

  18. Yes we are moving forward. Americans are loving it and leading the list of viewers in the world. 150,000 views and 176 countries. VOW INDEED! Pakistan is a country of peace and message of ART for the world. We are spreading goodwill about our selves. Be with us in our endeavour.

    However, the state’s apathy to artists knows no ideological bounds. Without a land grant from the government, the indefatigable Chughtai had decided to single-handedly establish a museum in Lahore. He died fighting with the Lahore Development Authority in 1975 over property rights to the land on which he had established the Chughtai Museum with his own expense. Many decades later, his son Arif Chughtai now carries his legacy alone by himself and struggles with dignity to keep the Chughtai Museum from coming under the axe. COURTESY DAILY TIMES DR NADEEM OMAR TARRAR


  21. 192678 views 186 countries is really unbelievable. We have touched nearly the whole world. The credit goes to PAKISTAN and Pakistan alone, for people hardly know this aspect of our beloved country. Enjoy!

  22. Our blog is not to slur anybody. Research of ours is documented. No fairy tales here. Facts of history. The Lahori doctrine is of peace.

  23. Crossed 200,000 views and 187 countries, which seemed impossible once. Now a reality in front of us.

  24. Lobbies exist all over the world to highlight fake news and to bring down and cover the truth. Sleeper agents retard spread of truth as well as good news. Satanic powers doing their best to undo te world. We will do a blog on sleepers soon.

  25. Imagine we are now at 189 countries. Total countries 195, and two are not there in practical way like Palestine and Holy Sec. So 189 out of 193 very flattering that Pakistani Art is being felt around the world.

  26. There is going to be some delays in updating due to some issues connected with administration. Please wait!

  27. A milestone is being created. We are about 300,000 views on blog with 189 countries. Very few countries left. It is about 51000 views from USA Alone. It makes us happy to know that TRUTH counts. Where in the world falsehood prevails, here you will find things you will never find anywhere else. It is all about ART AND PAKISTAN and of course LAHORE itself. We dare to go where others do not go, simply for what we write is fully documented. No illusions anywhere.

  28. Looming recession in sight for the world. Various art dealers advising people to safe their assets in Art resources as these will be the only objects which will not crash with the recession but will actually increase in value. Billionaires have stacked hordes of art in Switzerland lockers for such a day including famous families which are not named for reasons. Investment of Japan is phenomenal in arts including Picassos, etc. Global International Art watch has issued this advice for the benefit of all investors. Learn something from Art Mafia, they are good at their job.

  29. An investor in Dubai has collected Pakistani art including Chughtais for such an eventuality. For reasons cannot name him right now.

  30. We apologize for delay in updating as we are under attack from hackers trying to bring our blog down. Why may we ask is our blog irritating to some people? Truth should not hurt, it should set us free.

  31. Hello…I found some prints in a shop with one entitled For A Song and the other Come Fill The Cup…how can I tell if they original if the artist Chughtai didn’t sign them…thanks!

    1. If you send an image, we can go further. The original prints were made by Max Jaffe Austria around 1938.

  32. Im reaaly amazed that a person from such a Great family is here, i am a repoerter in a news channel. I want to meet you sir. pls respond.

  33. Nearing four lakh views 193 countries. Chughtai sahib bringing pride to his country nearly 47 years after his death.

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