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Chughtai Museum and Pakistan

Pakistan is a great country, and it could have been one of the greatest of a country, but foreign lobbies allergic to its Identity, mastered it through a horde of puppets, greedy to the core of their hearts.Except for our pride the Army of Pakistan, most governmental organizations are goofed and hostile to the country itself.That is why when you come across certain islands of the country, you see the best of Pakistan, something of pride for everyone. One of such islands is M.A. Rahman Chughtai, an icon of Pakistan, who generated aesthetics of the highest order and created goodwill in the world.
I resent people who speak against the country. Pakistan is here to stay. Pakistan will survive Pakistan Forever!Let us join hands to make Pakistan Pakistan!

About Chughtai Museum site

We created this website to promote harmony on Planet Earth. From various kinds of messages emanating from Pakistan, we wanted this site to sing the song of TRUE PAKISTAN, and we think we are very successful in same, judging from the international quality of our viewers. But precisely we have also attracted the wrath of those who hate Pakistan. Our website has been under attack from hackers from USA, USSR etc. The last Russian attack was very severe. We are not taking this lightly. We have put up our international internet friends to trace these people so that we can publish information about them and expose the conspiracy against Pakistan. Hands off Pakistan! Hands off our website! Allah o Akbar!

Arnold Raphael at Chughtai Museum