Lala Mela Ram Lahore Rai 1876

Lala Mela Ram was a famous son of Lahore. His factory, his house as well as his many things were left in Lahore. The Mela Ram road is still there near Data Darbar Sahib and is called Darbar road now. A huge safe was salvaged by people, which included a host of documents. Stocks worth lakhs of rupees, photographs of his family, invitation cards (including the investiture of British Kings and Queens) from London, an astro globe of horoscope, a Kama Sutra manuscript with illustrations, as well as the certificates of his proclamation as RAI and as RAI BAHADUR. Chughtai Museum just acquired these two documents for record archives, at a great cost.  The resources did not allow acquisition of other objects.

Lala Mela Ram Lahore Rai Bahadur 1886

The same are presented as a homage of peace from Lahore to the Hindus of India. Live in peace!

Lala Mela Ram building Lahore


    1. Hello Arif Rahman sahib, This is great grandson of RB Mela Ram of Lahore acknowledging your preservation of his memory, with our deep gratitude on behalf of his descendents, some in India and some living overseas. Your Chugati museum is emblematic of our joint history and heritage and brotherhood despite political turmoils My regards to you. Kheminder, now in US

      1. Thank you very much. With our love. They used to live very near to our house, on Mela Ram road, next to Data Darbar and we are a stone throw from that place. Our neighbours actually. Islam has a way of life but holds no grudge against other ways of life. Rather it encourages cooperation between nations.

      2. Thanks just wanted to share my late fathers views about LalaMela Ram Ji he always had a small tear in his eyes while talking about Lala Mela Ram sb

  1. Thank you for this peace offering. Our daughter in law is from this illustrious family. Happy to know that the Chugtai Museum has acquired some of these valuable documents. Hopefully one day the descendants of the venerable Lala Meka Ram may be able to visit and view their heritage.

    1. Our pleasure and yes peace is best. Politicians are moronic with no vision of human Co existence.

      1. My great grandmother – Rupkaur – was Rai Bahadur Mela Ram’s grand daughter. She was his younger son ‘s daughter. I have shared the information here with my relatives.

        1. So happy to know more about you. One has to be open hearted to embrace other cultures. Welcome!

          1. Its great pleasure to know about you. I would love to know about Mela Ram contributions specially the provision of drinking water facility in kind of Pump Building at Badami Bagh to Walled City Lahore by engaging Aitchison the Governor of Lahore.

        2. A certain Amir Butt and his mother Ms Tanveer Butt from London called here on your family behalf seeking to look at the documents. Did you send them?

    2. Welcome to our world Ms Indira Gopal Dass descendant of Lala Mela Ram. Information sent to you with our love and regards.

    3. “Rai Bahadur Mela ram “was my grand fathers , grand father.. I am blessed to be the descendant of this Illustrious and famous family of lahore .. I hope to keep up the traditions and values of my great ancestors..

      1. Hi brother…
        This is Usman from Lahore Pakistan.

        Lala mela Ram was grand father of my grandfather too…

        +92 303 4804 007

        Contact me back if you will get this msg

        1. Usman,
          No one from Nela Ram’s family got converted to Islam. As such, how can you become Mela Ram’s great grandson?

          1. Surely research required, otherwise useless claim. But Mela Ram family had Muslim friends and links with Islamic scholars are with us. We will present one day.

  2. Allah gives freedom of choice to all and Islamic way of life preaches respect for all other ways of life, choices depend on people

    1. We have many Hindu friends here in USA. Cordial relations but we recognize differences in way of life.

  3. I would love to know more about this great man and his family. I am from haryana and my grand father was from village KUNJAH in dist Gujrat.

    I would be honored if k cold be in touch with the family of sir mela ram
    Nikhil mohan

  4. felt very sad while scouting through the alleys of Bhaati Gate I came across a narrow street leading to Noor Mohallah, Kucha Samian and finally to Thatti Malahan. this street is named after this legend viz; Sir Lala Mela Ram. but, unfortunately there was none to relate anything about this legend of Lahore.

  5. I am Lala Mela Ram’s great great grand daughter and Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das’s great grand daughter and Rai Bahadur Gopal Das’s grand daughter. Just came through this and thought to share with my family.

        1. Can some one share details about the family members of Rai Bhadur Lala Ram Saran Dass s/o Lala Mela Ram.
          from PATHANKOT

  6. Really I am proud of this family of Lahore, I wish to know more about the family activities in India , thanks

  7. We Yuvraj and Vivaan Chadha sons of Capt. Arvind Chadha would like to introduce ourselves as gandsons of of Ravinder Chadha who is the real brother of Capt. Inderjit Chadda . My father is the great grandson of Rai Bahadur Gopal Das S/O Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das S/O Rai Bahadur Mela Ram . Proud to be a part of this lineage of Rai Bahadur Mela Ram . We would like to recommend the book ” Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das of Lahore” by Nilima Lambah

    1. Good to know you betas.. I am Babbar(Tiger) s/o Late Shakti Bahadur who was grandson of Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das.. who was son of Rai Bahadur Mela Ram.. I know your grandfather Ravinder Chadha.. Do mention me to him.. keep in touch..

      1. A royal invitation card of Saran Dass is with us and we emailed it to some relatives. Send email to receive same from us.

        1. Dear sirs,
          Would request you to send me the invitation and any other articles you have which relate to “Lala Mela Ram” my illustratious ancestor..
          Thanking you
          Babbar (Tiger)

        2. Thank you very much for having this at your museum. I would be delighted to receive a copy of the invitation at viraj.sawhney@gmail.com. And congratulations for your wonderful attempts at preserving the history of Lahore.!

  8. Mubasher Sahib I am not a historian of Mela Ram, who must have doe many things in Lahore, but I try to check it out.

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