Krishna with Muslim friends

Krishna shows Eid Moon to Muslim companions
Krishna shows Eid Moon to Muslim companions

Hindus and Muslims assemble together to look for the New Moon in celebration of the EID festival. A rare miniature of assembly of the of two nations. Krishna himself is showing the New Moon to his Muslim friends, who are praying at the site of the New Moon., One picture worth more than a thousand words in fostering goodwill between nations. Praying facing the New Moon is an active tradition of the Muslims.


  1. Please give the details of this art. Who was the artist? What was the history behind it?

    1. From collection. Hardly any name of artists of such period is known. It is actually done by the artist from imagination to please both nations, his nation unknown. Both Hindu and Muslim artists worked on these themes.

      1. May I ask if this is in your collection, or in a museum somewhere ? It is a unique work, in the spirit of such themes being commissioned by Mutual rulers like Akbar.

        1. Long history. Presently in a private collection in Germany and the owner does not wish to reveal his name to anyone.

          1. Having said that. It could be other way round as well as the I have not verified the details given for image on Wikimedia Commons, contacting author or National Museum itself might be helpful. I hope we get details on both and a scholarly assessment.

  2. This masterpiece exemplifies the ethos of India’s secular ethos. Is the name of the artist known? Also in which art gallery is this miniature?

  3. What a lovely painting! I can also see that the artist has incorporated people of different nationalities. This picture shows the true spirit of Krishna, who is friend, philosopher and guide to all mankind. The irrepressible Krishna, leading an eclectic group in seeing the Eid moon!. Perfection!

  4. The description is misleading. It is NOT Krishna with Muslim friends or Krishna showing Eid moon. It is Krishna with Nanda (The man with the beard). Please don’t create narratives first and set facts into them. I request you to update the description. To quote the response by B. N. Goswamy to Gulammohammed Sheikh, “…this is the way Nanda appears in every single folio of this series whenever we see him…”. Please refer to this link- http://bit.ly/2lkJOux

    1. Bigotry personified. We are specialists here. You have no ability to discern the finer points of a painting. M A Rahman Chughtai and brothers are world authorities on art.

  5. The picture of Krishna I have handled with my hands. I have seen all sides of it. There are no captions at the back, simply for all those artists were basically uneducated and illiterate artists. We have studied this very thoroughly and I have known most of the world experts on Indian art through my father or myself personally. Surely there mus be an old reference to an eclipse in the old Hindu epic but this scene reflects in no way an eclipse. The proof is in the painting itself. If it was an eclipse the shadow of the moon would be on it And would be shown by the artist. If you have ever observed an eclipse you will understand. There is no excitement in an eclipse but rather fear in the local people. The expression of the people looking at it and praying even are exuberant. It is sunny and bright. No eclipse of Sun anywhere otherwise it would add a dark shade to the work.

    Scholars fear works which brings Hindu Muslims together. I will give you a long write up on it. I study paintings too. My father has written extensively on such art as well as myself. The truth is painful. But it sets you free.

  6. Krishna with Muslims?
    That man with the white beard is king Nanda, Lord Krishna’s foster father. Read some Hindu mythology before you publish.

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