Looters and plunderers have no qualms. In fact doing the odd taboo thing is an aphrodisiac for them. The British converted the Taj Mahal into a honeymoon hotel and for some time, it also became a suicide point for its jilted lovers. The mausoleum of Rabia Durrani wife of Emperor Aurangzeb, in Aurangabad was also used for ball room dancing. And in Lahore, the mausoleum of Muhammed Salih Kanbo, Court historian of Shah Jahan as a Church as well as mausoleum of Nadira Begum, wife of Emperor Jahangeer as the Main Church too (and making a concubine Anarkali out of her). Examples too numerous to list. The Sikh rule was not characterized differently. The plunder of Lahore is well on record.

European Adventurers at the Court of Ranjit Singh were having their own kind of fun, far away from their homes. Deeds of many are on record. Some did good things, some bad things. Commander M. Amise, French for some, and from Spain for others, was also working for Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh was not bothered about his past record, as others had reported of flaws in his character. The Gujranawalla dacoit sanctioned Jahangeer’s Mausoleum for his troops and the Badshahi mosque for his living place. But he never stayed at the mosque and preferred the Jahangeer’s mausoleum. He had the debris removed, the garden straightened etc and started living his life in the room of the sarcophagus itself. In fact it is said that there was an opening on the roof which Lehna Singh (or Sobha Singh) had covered with wooden planks after removing the marble balustrade etc. In any case Commander M. Amise was very proud of cleaning up his living quarter.

People of Lahore take their sacred places very seriously. Mirza Akram Baig was the descendant of the Emperor and Empress Nur Jahan and he used to hold the ‘PAR DA MELA’ festival there every year. Commander M. Amise went one step further. He not only lived in that room of the grave, he started using it for sexual parties. It is said that the sarcophagus was actually used as a bed for sexual intercourse with nautch girls of Lahore.

How much is true or not, one does not know? Everybody knew that he died on the grave of Jahangeer itself. This one knows that he died a mysterious death. Cholera was only an illusion. Some say it was the wrath of Allah. Others attribute it to the ghost of Nur Jahan herself. It was also rumoured that the shade of Jahangeer had been seen and the Emperor predicted the death of the European rascal. But rational people say that he was probably murdered by a gardener at the instance of the Mutavallis or khadims of the mausoleum. In any case he was actually buried somewhere outside in haste. Ranjit Singh had the building closed and the walls sealed after his death. Captain Wade tells us that the news of the death of Amise reached him on 18th October, 1828, and he worked for Ranjit Singh for two years.Sir Edward Maclagan had not only been shown the grave of Amise, but also shown the desecration of it many times. It was reported by Maclagan that something very bad Amise had done to incur the wrath of the people of Lahore. There used to be a grave in the compound attributed to some BABA SAEN we used to see as kids when we visited the place. Perhaps the grave was of Commander M. Amise himself. No interest is taken by the Archaeological department to solve the riddle of the ages. Here a SEX PARTY led to actual death of the inhabitant.

P.S. Some people spell and pronounce Amise as Ohms.


  1. I can’t imagine how people could use a mausoleum as an accommodation let alone as a party place….. the goras did that a lot apparently

    Thank you for sharing Sir

  2. The morals and ethics of a society changes constantly. What is weird nowadays may not be weird tomorrow and so on. Plunderers consider this their habitat. But the Muslims who came here were different. They added to this region and that addition is visible even today. Respect for the past is a must. But respect for dacoits is not. This is just a note, a book can be written in a short time.

  3. An additional note like Nur Jahan was, Jahangeer is also suspended in chains from the ceiling with use of chains, as noted by many, including travelers like Burns.
    F. Javier Suárez de Vega a Spanish researcher is working on this aspect on General Amise. I wish him the best of luck. Anyone having information on Amise more than normal can send us same and we will pass it on to my friend Javier. A real nice guy!

    1. السلام علیکم ا
      I’m Najeb U tarafain Mughal of Gujrat،Punjab Mughal Street Mohallah Khwajgan.
      Mirza Yaqoob Baig, an officer of Post Office n Telegraph Department was my Dada Jan & Mirza Ayub Baig Chughtai an honest officer,Punjab Police was my Nana Jan .

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      MPhil Urdu + MEd.
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