“East Met West”

The travels of M.A. Rahman Chughtai to Europe

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9 thoughts on ““East Met West””

  1. Sirs: Since you say elsewhere here that the artist kept meticulous records in his lifetime, I wonder if there is a book complete with the Total known art works of Mr. M.A.R. Chughtai? I have some mid-century+ (20th) prints (aquatints?), unsigned, that I Think may be by this artist; I have admired them since I acquired same, along with pieces by Ukil Sarkar & others, sometime in the 1970s, I believe. I would like to know the artists of these pieces and ask that if I sent photos by attachment to the “info@” address, would you let me know what you think about them? Thank you for the time and consideration and I wish for you and the People of Pakistan the Best of All for the museum ! Respectfully, Gary in Washington, D.C.; USA

    1. Send me images easy to tell. There were about 300 prints we have a record of around 232, but I can recognize them with eyes closed. Enjoy

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