NG of Arts Shutdown
National Gallery of Arts

A poll speaks of only 5% support of the American people of the American congress. Amazing. We are flabbergasted, but we knew it all along. Our National Assembly has probably the support of about 5000 people only, that is the Members and their direct families. The rest are paid employees. The rest of the Nation is cursing them day and night. And they have a deaf ear to all the issues of the people. But we are not in a shutdown. Our business is business as usual. Politicians making money out of the blood and tears of the people. A republican accused King Obama of being a socialist, as that socialism was something of a curse in life. Equality and its value has sunk into the caste system of Hinduism. Born Shudras will remain Shudras and it seems most Americans and Pakistanis are Shudras after all. Neo-cons are the Master Pharaohs of the world, both there and here.
The first time I landed in Washington DC I was amazed at the number of beggars in the city and I tried to photograph some of them and they ran away. And the biggest craze of dish washers was replaced now by a stream of other nations driving taxis in the capital of the world. A Pakistani friend, Manager of American Express, with full facilities, sold his house, everything and migrated to the United States. We found him driving an ambulance, a little above the rung of the ladder. In a few years the hectic life caught up with him and he died a lonely death far from home. The American dream as illusive as ever.
Riches for some, poverty for others. The division does not go away. King Obama is shown in a photograph with his feet on his desk. When will a small child tell the King that he is wearing no clothes. When will the exploitation of the world end? Will it ever end! We are all waiting for Knight in Shining Armour. There are no knights in shining armour. We are ourselves the knights, if we chose to be one.

Liberty personified
Liberty personified

Americans are such friendly and loving people. Their politicians are doing bad to them, but movements like ‘Occupy Wall street’ show that Americans have realized that if they want to remain the blessed of the world, they have to also revert back to their original values, and ask for implementation of their most beautiful constitution in full spirit.
The developments no longer shock us. We are getting used to depravity all around us. The media is hypnotizing us and we wonder why? Many decades back we found out about SUBLIMINAL CUTS, and we were told that they were banned later. In a movie, a still slice was used to deliver the message direct to the brain. The watcher did not even know how he was programmed. Probably today instead of a mere cut, we are reacting to subliminal sounds, pictures, conditioning us in the Orwell world of the big brother gone berserk. We were already short of using our MIND POWER, now it seems the little we could use,m is being taken away from us.

The Holy Quran tells us again and again THINK AND PONDER. The Mullah keeps preaching rituals to us and has lost his relation with the actual principle of Allah. Once upon a time the Maulvi of the near mosque lived a free life, pathetic in its economic sense. The neighbourhood was there to provide a meal to him, otherwise he would go hungry and just sip a glass of water from a nearby ‘ghara’ or ‘surahi’. Now their standard of life has really changed. Moving in cruisers with many armed guards around therm, they dine at the finest places, travel abroad all the time. And charges for funerals, weddings have multiplied too. And foreign lobbies are willing to finance them anytime for creating anarchy in the society.
We keep on asking again and again ‘God help us!’ But God has told us the way towards salvation, and all Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions talk of the same things. Of course we stopped listening a long time back. So why expect God to save us?


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