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20 thoughts on “COMMENT OF THE DAY”

    All the world can try their best, but a country based on fertilizer of blood of millions of innocent people, cannot be undone merely by conspiracy. Pakistan will outshine all these mongrels. It was made within the laws of Allah and Allah will protect it.

  2. Truth hardly found around, sold abundantly by truth providers for petty sums for dreams of wine and women and false castles. Selling souls a routine for inspirational devils. And yet the wisdom of Allah prevails in asking the positive forces to bow down before Adam for he being ashraf ul Maqlook. So souls are sold but some souls are intact. Preserve the dignity of your soul nourish it with hilal for the best is yet come.

  3. Negativity prevails in putting information on public forums. Obsession with Qiyamat and end of world. Allah has hidden the day of Qiyamat from the public eye by will. There are no signs of same. And even Qiyamat itself is just sleep till you wake up in the new dimension. Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about. Taking money from enemies to instill fear in people. Allah teaches us to be brave, so launch jihad against these rumour makers.

  4. On TV on Radio on print the same stereotypes to befuddle your mind. We were born in an intellectual Pakistan for leaders like Quaid e Adam filtered inspired ideas even the illiterate person and his idealism soared with expectation. Then greed swept the country with a cabal of jackasses and nincompoops ruled the country. We await a revolution again.

  5. Allah the perfect communicator chose the Arabic language for the last message to human kind which would last till the end of time. It require people of insight to disseminate same. All praise to Allama Pervez to explain it to us. Allah bless his soul!

  6. Under extremist rule in India people there are always trying to rewrite more than 1000 years of Muslim rule in unbelievable falsehood. It is like spitting on the moon and the spit falls on you. Who believes this kind of bullshit?

  7. Allah bring changes through various means not direct intervention. Climate is one thing of change. Evil rebellion against Laws of Allah. Patience of Allah is infinite. Patience of humankind is limited. Who wins and who loses?

  8. A period of utter shamelessness and corruption rampant like human rights. We like to see such people brought to justice and not get away with massive bribes.

  9. Someone called me a scarred warrior today. I recall most heros carry scars on their bodies. But the scars of the mind and heart are different. They do not go away. Healing is done with ongoing adventure in an endless journey. Allah teaches us struggle as well as patience.

  10. Internet is a place where it is difficult to find the truth. It goes hidden under guise of opinions. Explore and not come to conclusions.

  11. Never seen Pakistan in such a mess. Kamal Attaturk Pasha had a formula. He invited all the dissident priests to a ship party and then blew them up forever. Perhaps there is hope.

  12. UMAR age of everyone will come to and, but ZINDAGI life will continue. Even Qiyamat does not mean end of life. Life continues! Priests try their best to frighten us of life.

  13. Frightening that media manufacture information according to financial demand. How cheap can these people get by selling their souls for money? There is life after death so fear consequences of telling lies.

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