The overturning of Sikh rule in the Punjab

Kharrack Singh
Kharrack Singh

The British were not ready yet for takeover of all the Indian region. It was good luck for the Sikhs. The citizens of Lahore tired of dacoits after dacoits in the city, decided to invite one bigger dacoit by opening the Gates of Lahore. Ranjit Singh camping in the baradari of Wazeer Khan entered and took the city with the blessings of the citizens of Lahore. The list of citizens along with the Kotwal is well known. However much the tale may be twisted by historians, the facts stand stark for every body to read in the books. Ranjit Singh was further lucky by signing treaty of 1809 with the British by agreeing to respect the river boundary as the boundary of conquests of both. All Sikh luck came to an end with the so-called death of Ranjit Singh. It was even rumoured that he had been poisoned to death by people like Dr Murray and others who surrounded him at that time. In any case Ranjit Singh was himself so paranoid of being poisoned by them, that he never took any medicine or drinks offered by them anytime. Journals are full of his refusal to eat anything from their hands.

Sher Singh
Sher Singh

What followed after 1839 is a trail of deaths and assassinations. Let us list them first:
MAHARJAH KHARRACK SINGH, son of Ranjit Singh, was set aside by his own son Nau Nehal Singh, with help of Raja Dhian Singh, (after killing CHET SINGH on 8th October 1839) and slowly put to death by poison and opium. He died on 5th November, 1840.
NAU NEHAL SINGH, son of Kharrack Singh, died the same day on 5th November, 1840, when some bricks fell on his head, in attendance of cremation of his father.
SHER SINGH gained power and had MAI CHAND KAUR, wife of Kharrack Singh murdered by her slave girls, while combing her hair. Sher Singh was murdered on 15th September, 1843.
RAJA DHIAN SINGH murdered on 15th September, 1843, with an hour of the death of Sher Singh.
DALLIP SINGH put on the throne on 18th September, 1843, and acceded to the British on 2nd Febraury, 1844.
HIRA SINGH AND PANDIT JALLA murdered by the Sikh Army on 21st December, 1844.
PESHORA SINGH put to death on 30th August, 1845.
JAWAHAR SINGH put to death on 21st September, 1845.

The Sikh wars started and the first Sikh Army was won by Lord Hardinge for the British Monarchy. What more do we need to write?

Lall Singh and Sikh War
Lall Singh and Sikh War

Look behind the facts and figures. All these murders and assassinations clearly show MASTER HAND behind all this? Reading one journal after another, the same thing becomes pristine clear for all. Some were openly advocating the take over, some secretly. Perhaps few were even against it, But the material wealth of the Punjab with crores in the exchequer of Ranjit singh, brought water to the eyes of the greedy Britishers. It is a sad tale for anyone. In 1849 the British officially took over Punjab and there is stone commemorating this seizure at the Sheesh Mahal in Lahore Fort. 007s had done their work with their license to kill on Her Majesty’s assassination Service.

Mai Jindan Kaur
Mai Jindan Kaur


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