Christine Keeler as young model
Christine Keeler at 71 years

It is no secret. With time it has become a plain fact. When Pakistan get good rulers, Western and Indian lobbies try to destroy them in many ways. One way is to embarrass him in a dirty way. The progress shown in Pakistan under those 10 years of rule of President Ayub Khan is phenomenal to this day. He took Pakistan to the height of things, devised a workable constitution and presented us with well thought of economic plans. He was a leader par excellence. His speech on 6th September, 1965, is the stuff of dreams.

Cliveden swimming pool

The progress Pakistan was making was being resented by many. The British War Minister was terribly involved in scandals dealing with models and call girls. Even today the Profumo scandal is subject of British nightmares. It led to resignations and even suicides. In a visit to London, President Ayub Khan was invited to the estate of Cliveden in Buckinghamshire. A big estate for western concepts of fun. There was a swimming pool there and models swam in same, completely in the nude, to appease leaders of the world. Enticing them away from their duties. Leaders swam with models in compromising situations and position. Pictures were secretly shot and I remember appeared in international magazines. The Australian government has a complete record and portfolio of same. Even today they sell it to make money. Nothing free from them even in public interest. There was acute embarrassment at home. Interesting that newspapers called President Ayub Khan of Punjabi origin. Nothing wrong in a Pathan being mistaken for a Punjabi, but look a the sinister design behind same.

Girls at Cliveden
President Ayub Khan

The charisma of President Ayub Khan overcame that but in a couple of years, the 1965 war was imposed on Pakistan, to bring him down. He rose from those ashes with strength and fervour. Then a political mess was created by those who used to call him Daddy and it led to his honourable exit. The resignation of President Ayub Khan is a singular exception in our history. Today Christine Keeler must be remembering all that she did, with some sort of guilt, or perhaps pride of being a modern Helen of Troy.

Entrapment of Pakistani rulers
Keeler news in Pakistan Times
John Profumo War Minister


  1. The Brits and the Indians may have had their evil intent but that does not absolve Ayub Khan from his own moral shortcomings. Nobody put a gun to his head and forced him to jump into the pool. His own lack of morals did…

    1. Cannot judge a man by remote control. Ayub Khan was a person of exceptional morality. He gave more to Pakistan in practical terms than any other ruler, after the Ideological settings of Quaid and Liaquat Ali Khan.

        1. Morality has degrees but there were and are morally sound people. But these leaders have no way of getting into positions to help people. After Quaid e Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan, Abdur Rab Nishtar, Khawaja Nazimuddin, Khawaja Shahabuddin, Nurul Ameen, the Chakma leaders, the list goes on. Relax morally correct people are coming back. Allah just testing our patience! Zia met a sorry end for he was doing morally correct things.

    2. Ayub Khan jumped into a swimming pool where naked women less than half his age would entertain to the fancy of such men. How can anybody absolve Ayub for such behaviour

      1. Absolutely wrong. He stands as one of the finest in history of Pakistan. Only good people are entrapped by westerners in this way. He did more for Pakistan than anyone else,

  2. The EQUALLY Famous romp of Z.A. Bhutto as foreign minister with the wife of Indonesian President Soekarno may come in mind too as exceptionally loose morals. As well as the episodes wit the Governor of Punjab.

  3. Imran Khan is the most likely target of next sacandal. IK Please be careful. You are too important for Pakistan .Apart from pictures and media reports .The girls can write books too. !.

    1. Yes, so moral is Imran Khan, he has fathered children with women all over the world during his ‘playboy’ years, and yet he doesn’t have the decency to bring them up nor call them his own. Such a role model. I don’t think you can justify blaming the West nor India for any downfalls of Pakistani leaders; these ‘leaders’ are capable of doing it all themselves.

  4. If Ayub Khan was not corrupt how come a 22 grade officer’s family has become one the richest family in #Pakistan.

  5. There is no photographic evidence that Ayub Khan jumped into the pool with the women swimming there, yes he accepted an invitation to a party hosted by the defence minister of Britain. Ayub had weaknesses which human being doesn’t, but he was a thorough gentleman and behaved publicly and in private with the perfect decorum.

  6. Other than heresy there is no evidence that Ayub Khan jumped into a swimming pool with naked women. Ayub khan had his weaknesses but he was a thorough gentleman who alway conducted himself with decorum whether in private or public. His accomplishments as President of Pakistan are unmatched, he put Pakistan on its feet and for that we are still standing.

  7. Excellent Javad. Very pleased with your reply. He was not foolish to jump in the pool, but there was a photograph I think in ‘Newsweek’ in which Christine was seen sitting in his lap. But even that may not be true. But he was a dashing person and could drive not only Jacqueline Kennedy but also the Queen of England to nuts. A graceful ball room dancing was witnessed with the Queen. I had the honour of meeting him and he did come to our house to pay his respects to my father. And he was graceful enough to inaugurate many of his shows, even the last one, which was his LAST PUBLIC APPEARANCE. This is just a record, nothing more. We salute the memory of JUBA KHAN. He was lovingly called that.

  8. Khushwant Singh writes in the newspaper:

    “Christine was often invited to spend weekends at Lord Astor’s country home where ministers were allowed to entertain foreign dignitaries and their friends. I recall seeing a picture of President Ayub Khan of Pakistan in the bathing pool carrying bikini-clad Christine Keeler on his shoulders.”

    That is about all. For the record only.

  9. There is a photo like that. But President Ayub is no longer under gun fire. He was s great man and did the maximum for Pakistan during his tenure. Allah bless him! It is a Western way to degrade our heroes.

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