The shame of shamefulness


Does success matters? Of course it does, but when worthless people try to be worthy, they have to dance on the tunes of their Masters. That is you see the wave of modern journalism ridiculing our values most of the time. Roots according to a critic bind the tree to one place, when they like to be on the road all the time, accepting everything  external as their own. Obviously we should be ready for all things, but not foreign versions to bring us down as our own. And certainly not substituting ANARCHY for our IDENTITY.

The roots of identity are not the roots of a fixed tree, but the roots of identity are a set of thoughts which makes us unique from others. And these thought are not merely of our own making. They start from Divine injunctions and through the process of Ijthehad, it is a progressive identity of our own. Do not undermine our Identity in linguistic mambo-jumbo. A stone gets conditioned by its environment, and all human beings get conditioned by the ecological factors. But our identity is not based on mere Geography, it is based on Ideology.

Planet Earth in our hands
Planet Earth in our hands

I see a number of books coming up on PARTITION. Mixed up in emotional scenarios of displaced families, it is a mere hogwash of things. To mix blood relation as final, one should see when two brothers diverge because of ideas. No relation exist between them. This area is composed of various type of persons, but the locals as Hindus are different from same. I have not even heard of one Muslim embracing Hinduism, when I know of lakhs of people, who embraced Islam in the process. So talking about blood as determining ideology is hogwash really. The two nation theory is as intact as ever and no purchased imbeciles can undo the factors from our lives.

Death on way to Pakistan
Death on way to Pakistan

Love for rewriting our history according to the perspectives across the border is always being attempted by the West as well as Hindu writers. Hindus had no concept of history and never indulged in it. But in the last few centuries, particularly the 20th century, they are obsessed in ridiculing our faith in one way or the other.  Things are written about the leaders of our past, which can shame any body, but where has the truth come to them? From parrots talking in the bazaar. Or a Maina chirping in the trees. I am told that some Benjamin Elman (on sabbatical leave nowadays) is trying to undo our perspects of history at the Princeton University, by innovating some new approach to it. Go on everybody. We have the Quran, intact, in its pristine form, not a comma or hyphen less. And that is our guide. And that tells us about the Two Nation theory and that is part of our existence. So live on! Learn to live with us, or go to hell!

Take a RORA and a HEERA (stone and diamond), It is a simple equation. Take a piece of stone. No one needs to protect it. It can be placed anywhere. No one will even pick it up. It is just a ‘RORA’. Now equate it with a diamond. All know that it is precious. It needs to be kept from the eyes of thieves. People will try to steal it whenever possible. Unprotected it will not remain in possession.

Dream of Pakistan
Dream of Pakistan

If Pakistan was just a stone, who will care for it? No one will be bothered about it. But if it was a diamond, the world will pay all attention to it. The object to snatch the precious thing from our own hands. When major countries of the world are spending billions on espionage on our selves, it means we are precious, really precious. If not, why would countries waste billions on us? A worthless thing is not worthy of being spent such heavy amounts on. So when we hear rants of the ‘inevitability of break up of Pakistan’ and that ‘Jinnah never wanted Pakistan to be an Islamic state’, one wonders at the IQ of these people and what is their understanding about Islam itself? Obviously Islam is not a religion, so no one aspired for a theocratic state. Everyone aspired for Islam as a DEEN, a complete way of life, given to us by Allah. And this way of life is feared by others, and that is why billions are being poured inside the country, through these malicious media people, to undo us. Pakistan Forever!


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    Agreed …. with the most of what you ve written.

    But there are some real aspects which do really exist and are progressing. The nation is being sandwiched ideologically between liberal fascists and religious extremists. A decade this phenomenon was subtle and not really ‘coming out’ in public, but right now things are exactly opposite ! Its the state which is on surrender of all sorts, a state led by Zardaris and Sharifs who are more serious about gol gappas and nihaaris than adapting and drafting some real policy to handover to institutions of national security. Instead, they be Pakistan Army to tak control of political and internal/external policy affairs.

    ….. wait, its more complicated than that. Let me elaborate from where i see it. I live in Rahim Yar Khan (the sothern most distt. of Punjab), and I travel to Lahore 5-6 times a year, and evrytime i enter Lahore i struggle my way ’cause there are huge huge under and over passes and various types of ‘developments’ to make me astonished ! I come from a punjabi family who settled pre-partition from Shiekhupura and carved their bred and butter by cultivating barren desert alloted to them under ‘sutlej valley project’. There is enough ‘surprise’ moving upwards beyond Khanewaal that one derives ” The funds are being used grossly unjust “. There is a bridge of “Nishtar Ghaat” which is begging to be constructed on river sindh for more than 50 years, its construction has been inaugurated more than a dozen times ! And then you start hearing voices of demand for ‘seraiki Sooba’.

    When i move south from my town into neighbouring Sindh, things get further complicated when i see the towns of interior sindh are breathing 50 years in past. Its a land ruled by illitercay, lawlessness and looters under the patronage of Sindhi political feudals. The last time I dared to enter Sindh was 10 years back, and I did Khuda ka Shukar when i returned back home. You can imagine what would it be like now !

    Balochistan ? Nobody dares enter it now.

    So when i see Zardaris and Sharifs taking their turns peacefully and the REST OF THE THINGS UNTOCHED ……… i see something is really breaking up ! God forbid, I dont wish it, but i see no meaningful perception and actions to undo it by turn-takers !


    1. A detailed reply can still wait. The world is not a perfect place. And in recent years it has gone from bad to worse. When two super powers balanced each other, it was better. Then one super power decided to rule the world. USA experimented with lasers which could control the world (it failed). Now China is trying to put a missile system on the Moon. India is hell bent upon a cold war doctrine of surprise attack on Pakistan on many fronts and take its cities, to make it impossible for Pakistan to use its low nuclear assets.
      You are moving in cities and provinces. Have you tried moving through countries? The mess is even more. Pakistan is at its lowest ebb in its history. Why? For we are using a Parliamentary system which the QUAID rejected, and the end of the FEUDAL system he wanted, we are still pursuing. Quaid was removed before he could present the constitution which he had literally completed and the British intelligence removed it through a Pakistani agent.
      A walk in the streets tell us the mess we are in. But look at the quality of our leaders. Without education, without civilization, GREED drives them mad. And the Taliban, dichotomy, schizophrenia actually. A Pathan told me that there is DEEN and there is DUNIYA. He said we do not do anything to DEEN, we just concentrate on DUNIYA which is okay to do. Was OBL not on CIA roll for a long time? So what about the Taliban. Bandits mostly. Delusional.

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    Punjab’s fund are visible being consumed in upper punjab / Lahore !

    Where are funds ending up which are allocated to Sindh ? Balochistan ? No political leadership has sincerely asked and followed up this question as yet. A ‘divide n eat formula’ had been agreed upon amongst all political stakeholder (which has been shattered by Imran Khan) !

    Pakistani establishment (civil and military) willingly chose to go hands in hands with tribal lords and waderas in Sind and Balochistan and NWFP and FATA. Most of these lords built their plitics around ‘Punjab bashing’ and fooling there masses to deprive them of education n development. The only exception are parts of NWF (Swat etc) and northern areas just because their tribal lords were kind enough towards their masses.

    East pakistan was a big exception, they refused such ‘modus operendi’ ’cause there were no lords there. The middle class was strong enough and sought political empowerment thru democracy, which they were repeatedly denied. It didnt happen in 1971 all out of nowhere, it had started when they said “Islamabad’s roads have scent of jute”…………… similarly there are voices in south punjab these days ” Lahore’s lavish road projects have scent of cotton” !

    The more i think abt it, the more i arrive that current provincial set up is too obsolete to face the political anarchy now, all divisional boundaries should be declared provinces. This is what they did in India, their original Punjab has 3 sub-divisions as provinces. You’d be knowing more than I do. Off course, Punjab will remain Punjab in terms of culture and history. So will remain Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.
    Sorry its been too long !

    1. Life corrects itself. You are thinking in terms of results, not the cause of that. All challenges can be met. But not through designs of foreign lobbies. People require sustenance, food and shelter and ability to dream. Leaders give that. This same lot became Pakistan under Quaid. Do you think under Obama USA is united? There is even more dissent there now. Wall street movement is not in the air! Texas independence struggle there again. Same in India. Eventually Khalistan will emerge too. You will see!

    2. Imagine multiplication of issues after breakup….wont even be able to live with your family in anarchy result and 1000 years of Hindu wrath upon us, only strong and valueless will survive, 5000 years back stone age will come again Pakistan our first last hope

  3. What kind of rubbish is this? I knew IQ was going down considerably in Punjabistan in recent years but this is ridiculous.

    If Quran had two nation theory then why bother coming to Indian in the first place instead of staying in Arabia where the nation was intact?

    PS: Where in the Quran it mentions two nation theory?

    PPS: What nation do the Muslims of India and Bangladesh belong to? As one do not want to join you and prefer to live as Indian among Hindus and the other spit on you and left you in disgust despite common religion.

    1. Indeed people like you with your views are a threat to the world. Have you ever read the Quran? Why are you carrying the name of Hassan? You are welcome to call yourself by any name. But do not embarrass the great name of the grandson of the Prophet PBUH himself. The Quran clearly defines the two Nations. One who believe in the Laws of Allah and those who do not. There is no ambiguity at all. You are like the dhobi ka kuta na ghar ka na ghat ka. Punjab has more IQ than your ancestors combined, but you have the lowest EQ in the world, and that is worse.

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