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Is this face of Islam?
Is this face of Islam?

The best thing about Quranic teachings that I like is that the Quran asks us to ‘think and ponder’. In this world of intellectual advancement, to all thinking minds it is different from other religions in this very aspect. The infinite wisdom of Allah make the thought process essential for advancement and realization of human kind to its true potentials. The development of personality as well as to conquer the imperfections of nature. So when the Sufis rage their views, people like me can only wonder the mental capacity of those who follow them.

I have read a number of books on Sufis, English translations done by renowned scholars. The rite of Sufism is to chant different mantras, swirl into dance, and do other antics (often through some sort of drugs too), till they get into a spell. A spell which has made their brains so dizzy that they cannot think at all. And in this state, they commune with God (whatever their God may be certainly not Allah). When we know that with the finality of Prophethood, a thing of the past, no direct communication with Allah is possible, how can a Sufi claim things got into a fermented mind?

Making joke of Islamic values
Making joke of Islamic values

Sufis were an extension of the religious idioms of this region as well as others. The Hindu faqeers or Gurus or whatever you may call them, did the same things in their own way. When they took the clothes of Islam, the things remained the same, just vocabulary changed to be fool others. The way of the Sufis is a way of men making fools of others in name of religion and this has been done from times immemorial.  What is new about that?

The story of Madho Lall Hussain is a case in point. A resident of an area outside Lahore, he indulged in Punjabi poetry, and much of it is ribald. Leaving away the pretensions of a Muslim Faqeer at one stage of his life, he openly resorted to wine, drugs, dance and all ribald activity of the time. To have fun, he said, was the mission of Islam. Indulging in vices part of life. And to top it all, he fell in love with a young Hindu boy (This carries a sentence in the Western world, however liberal they may be), Lall Hussain (wore red in his life) started stalking the young boy (that too carries a sentence in the civilized world). By hook or crook, not only was he able to seduce the boy, he also made fools of his parents, with his hoco-pocus. According to legend, the child died, and on promise that he would be given to Lall Hussain, the poet brought him back to life. The legend has it that they were buried in the same grave, though it is said now, that the graves are side by side, separated. I think if this homosexual relation is popularized in the West, we would have international Gay community, making this place into millions of dollars of architectural space, as well a sex inns of every kind.

What kind of Islam?
What kind of Islam?

The elected Governments are not composed of well read people. Lacking education and civilization, they resort to street smart activities and to please the man on the street (instead of educating him), they fully patronize such places. Even today such places are dens of immoral activity of every kind. Drugs are openly sold here as well as consumed by masses. When you see the mindless dancing their devilish trends, one can see, the distance these places have made from the inception of Islam into the public.

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    Absolutely right ….. but not in toto

    There is a saying by some sufi elder in the same context : ” Agar bazaar mein kisi khaas cheez ki naqal ki buhtaat ho to ….. uss ka ik matlab yeh bhi hai keh kahin na kahin asli bhi milti ho gi ! ”

    ……… and regarding books on Sufi-ism, i can only insist THIS has nothing to do with reading and acquiring knowledge from books. IT IS A CHORD WITHIN US WAITING TO BE STRUCK BY SOMEONE SPECIAL ! I was a non-believer and even a harsh ciriticlike you, ……… its been more than 7 years … I am no more !

    ‘ nigaah-e-mard-e-momin se badal jati hain taqdeerain’

    Off Course, nothing beyond kalima, nmaaz,roza,haj, zkaat is absolutely essential for being a muslim. But there is something more to it …….

    ………….. like you can learn hundreds of books about the rules and disciplines in order to become a painter, but being ‘an artist’ requires much beyond this black n white framework ! Can’t say more ! do you really believe all those meta-physical poetries n experiences in arabic, farsi, and urdu over centuries is just a result of drugs ?????

    ……. there are many to cited, but i would cite only Awais Qarni, who lived in the period of Muhammad PBUH but never saw him. When Hazrat Abu Bakar and Umar went to find and see Qarni in Qarn adter Muhammad PBUH had departed, people talked about Qarni ” yes, there is a deewana who keeps straying outside cities, he laughs when people cry and cries when people laugh ! ”

    ………. and when these 2 sahab met him and conveyed the Slaam of Muhammad PBUH, Qarni asked these 2 sahab kraam ” Have you really seen Muhammad PBUH ???

    These are pointers to another para-normal world which EXISTS believe you me !

    1. Intellect learns from thought, and its process, creativity is putting new relation between thought processes not thought before. But never in blind reverie.

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