Made in British period bricks

British bricks Mandir of Loh
British bricks Mandir of Loh

As you enter the Aurangzeb Gate in Lahore Fort, you see a small room, with a kiosk in it. It is called as the Mandir of Loh. Most people dubbed it as belonging to the Sikh period, in bricks of that time. But an earlier photograph made by some Home economics student many years back, show that it is made of Bricks made in the British period., Also very roughly made as made in a hurry with no stress on finesse of Muslim buildings. When did all this rant start?

Out of the blue, the Khulasah al-tawarikh of Subhan Rai, around 1692 linked the city of Lahore with Loh, the so called son of Ram. And as this notation was there, further people utilized the same to forward their point of view.

The famous book on Lahore by Thronton and Kipling does not mention the Mandir of Loh in 1860. Nobody else does. Then all of a sudden Judge Latif (a veteran British representative) writes about the Mandir of Loh. Thronton and Kipling places Lahore on the site of Icchra Lahore, but Anjum Rahmani doubts that Lahore existed even at Icchra. The remains of Hindu Lahore have never been discovered. To the memory of all historians, Lahore is essentially a Muslim city from day one. Yes the city of Loh did exist, but research points to it being somewhere in the hills of Kashmeer.

For something to be 300 years old, it has to b at least 40 feet deep, if not more. The remains of Ghaznavid period is mostly at 25 to 30 feet in the city of Lahore. The Mandir is at par with the street outside. How can a new structure at par with street level be so old? The story goes on. In this bitchy concept of ‘Aman ke Asha’, credit can be given to Hindus for building Mecca and Medina too. After all everything else they have claimed as their own. Why not Arabia itself? Only deviant minds can conceive of Taj Mahal as a Hindu temple. And what not? All Hindus in this region were Saints, all Muslims tyrants, murderers, rapists and everything bad was due o them. Satisfied. Obviously some Mir Jaffers taking money to do their end. Okay, here it is! There is no Mandir of Loh, definite.

Just outside the Lahore Fort directly to the so called Mandir of Loh, is the oldest grave in Lahore, that is of LANGA, the Nau-Guzza of Lahore. Coming from Palestine and Syria, these Jewish giants of the old laid the basis of Lahore. But that is another story, for another time.


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