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Chaghatai Khan
Chaghatai Khan

The Chinese girl came with a delegation to our museum. We talked of Chaghatai Khan. The way she pronounced the name was like a song YAGH TAI. Every time she uttered the word, a tremor ran through me. Just who was this Chaghatai Khan. Very simply, the second son of Genghis Khan, the Khan of his tribe from 1226 to 1242 AD. Yes the Chaghatai language as well as his clan takes the name from him and him alone.


Born: 1183
Died: 1242, Ghulja, China
Spouse: Ebuskun
Siblings: Ögedei Khan, Jochi Khan, Tolui
Parents: Genghis Khan, Börte
Children: Yesü Möngke, Baidar, Mutugen


The funny part is that Lahore was full of Chughtais, and yet we hardly see them. Why is there a dearth of Chughtais in the world? A compere on TV was rectifying the fact of the absence of the Mughals in Lahore. He said that Ranjit Singh hated the Mughals and had put a price on their head. This was in retribution to the price on the heads of the Sikhs in Mir Mannu’s time. The difference here was obvious. The price at that time was due to the dacoitry activities in Lahore, which needed to be curbed., But the head on the Mughals was due to vengeance alone and nothing else. Who said rationality wins all the time? Nothing like that. The result that most of the families changed their names and were not happy to be spotted as of a certain ethnic group. And the Sikhs were not alone in this. The English after Bahadur Shah Zafar and the War of Independence, hanged and executed whichever Mughals they could find with any kind of Royal links. Dwyer is reputed to have drunk the blood of Mughal Princes. So the Mughals went into hiding. And the hiding was so strong that their children even went absent from their roots. It was in the late 19th century, that families found their roots again. The upsurge of ethnicity had sprung and that too due to the English administration, who insisted the ethnic roots being written on any official form. But then fashion took over.

Funeral of Chaghatai Khan
Funeral of Chaghatai Khan

The Chughtais came back into fashion. The result that that everybody started acting, feeling and pretending to be a Chughtai. No harm done except to themselves. But a Chughtai can be recognized from the face itself. They are particularly different from the other Punjab residents here. Their habits are different. They were rulers of dynasties and this royalty springs from even the weakest of them. Our M.A. Rahman Chughtai brought fame to the city of his ancestors all over the world. Yes, indeed Lahore is Lahore, and nothing like it anywhere.



    1. Do you have much information about the Chughtai families living in Kucha Chughtain and Kucha Loharan inside Mochi Darwaza?

        1. Hi Mudassar do u have any information about family tree in Kuch aloharan inside mochi drwaza or name of some family late living there from 1858 to 1950 i know some of them Jalauddin son of Azizuddin they move to Makkah in 1950

        2. Dear Mudassar, if you have any information about late chughtai families inside mochi gate please inform me. My grand father’s grand father was of that area.

      1. Hi Hashim do u have any information about family tree in Kuch aloharan inside mochi drwaza or name of some family late living there from 1858 to 1950 i know some of them Jalauddin son of Azizuddin they move to Makkah in 1950

          1. Hashim bhai if u have any information about chughtai family in side muchi or lohari gate pls send to me thanks

      2. Hashim bhai if u have any information about chughtai family in side muchi or lohari gate pls send to me thanks

    2. The clan is called Borjigid, which means “blue-grey wolf tribe”. Chinggis Haan’s ancestor was called Bodonchar Munkhaag.

      My family’s name is Haan Baghatur, and we descend from Jochi Haan and the Qipchak Haanate.

      1. It is obvious that most descendants trace their family to some lineage in the family tree. Aligning oneself with one is the prerogative of persons. Timurids called themselves Chaghatais from the son Chaghta Khan himself. There are variants like Mirza, Baig, etc etc. Some still call themselves Chingizi. It is reflective of the traditions. The tradition started from the clan of sons of Changez Khan himself. No lineage remains pure as it intermingles with the people of the area. Timurids of Delhi origin are Urdu speaking, while that of Punjab are Punjabi speaking. That of Uzbekistan, Usbek speaking. That is life. Changing all the time. But the WOLF is still in us, as it makes us fight with the wrongs of life. They have sealed the area where there is the mausoleum of Changez Khan, realizing that the discovery of his remains will ignite pride in the person, who the West has painted as Evil all the time. Only great people retain their greatness centuries after their death.

  1. I’m also Chughtai. Our for Father’s “Mirza Qasim Baig” came from Bukhar uzbekistan. we are from lahore.Now a days we are living in dera Ismail khan. During British cruelty we left Lahore. our grand father were used to “Baloch” with themselves.

  2. It is not an easy job to trace family history. One can try on reliable grounds in locating family documents and these are really difficult to find for no one bothered to preserve them. Old people are often unreliable in their memory. So remain cool. Your face shows everything. In mixture of families traces of DNA are there. In USA there is possibility of DNA charting and they will tell you what they know. Pride is not of blood, pride is of achievements.

  3. We will put a blog on Changez Khan very soon, being the latest news about him. We will show you his bones, actual.

    1. Arif bhai we are chughtai from lahore but i born in Makkah my name in my id return in arabic word Shaftai so pls if you have any ideas about chughtai Tree let me know Thanks

  4. Arif Rahman Chughtai! do you have information about the route and period of Chughtai’s arrival in lahore? If you have mention please.

    1. Changez Khan distributed his empire amongst his five sons within his lifetime. There you have a date. That is Chughata Khan, Ogedei Khan, Jochi Khan, Toregene Khan, and Tolui Khan. Central Asia went to Chughata Khan. But many inhabitants came with Timur and later with Babur himself.

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    My family belongs to the authentic royal bloodline of Zahurruddin Muhammad Babur, we are direct descendants and Allahumdullilah Mughal’s. Our roots are further traced back Amir Taimur. Our facial features are distinct and look somewhat Oriental, Persian, Uzbek and Turk, we are of fair complexion and some have coloured eyes. From our elders we have also come to know that our ancestors Mughals were persecuted by the British and fled and changed their names to save their lives. However our blood and characteristics are of a hot blooded nature, very temperamental and stubborn with a leadership mindset as well as possessing noble traits, males and females are both of alpha nature. We are Mughal’s from Lahore and prior to partition from Amritsar and our ancestors came from a border area of Kalanur in Afghanistan to continue the progeny. We are told we are Mughal Pathan and use Mirza Baig / Mughal with our names. We are a reputable family from Lahore with relatives in Multan, Kasur, khanewal and primarily mostly settled abroad in UK, Europe, and Canada. Our family tree records were at Hazrat Mia Mir and many of our relatives are laid to rest there and in the latar part at Miani Sahib.

    One of my Great Grand fathers cousins use to get royal protocol at the time of the British Raj by the British with red carpet treatment and use to travel by train as well as having silos of wealth. There was a court case in Lahore over 50/60 years ago where someone tried to use defamation against my grandfathers brother who challenged him in court on the authenticity of our Mughal origins and won the case as he had evidence of our shijara e Nasab. A Mughal can be identified by his characteristics no matter how rich or poor they know their DNA and will never compromise their honour and dignity.

    1. Direct links are impossible to trace because of massive murders and assassination of direct line. Most of the Mughal princes were murdered by the British even. One can trace families through indirect links but with time purity of no race is possible. When marriages are inter racial, further confusion comes in. If you reveal your links, we will research on them. But do not cut short the mughal line with cut short theories, the royal mughals were full of compassion, aesthetic sense and were not war mongers. They were planners and God fearing all of them. Stories are just legends minimizing their personality put in by Hindus and Britishers.

  6. Mongol leader Genghis Khan (1162-1227) rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, he conquered huge chunks of central Asia and China. According to
    to situation of ancient every commander of tribe and terrory. he was he was dominate the neighbour empire he suppress other one .Nov 9, 2009

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