From the year 1044 AH to this day, various people were associated with the Masjid Wazeer Khan Lahore. Obviously the most important is Nawab Wazeer Khan himself. But the more we study contemporary documents, the more of an enigma this man becomes in historical survey. The first surprising fact is revealed by the farman of the Wazeer Khan itself, when it says that Wazeer Khan was asking Asif Khan for donations for building the mosque. And other contemporary source of that very time, tells us that he was a thoroughly corrupt person and there was no transaction in Lahore, in which a percentage was not given to him. All this is documented. We are shown the house of Wazeer Khan through a documented photograph at Cambridge University, which was there till 1904 or something. In any case we are told that Nawab Wazeer Khan used to sit in the Bageechi of Wazeer Khan mosque. There were many graves of Mutavallis of the mosque on it, and we are told that they are now gone for mehfil of qawallis.

The one grave still standing is the mausoleum of Imam Ghulam Muhammed son of Imam Siddique. Although one source gives his date of death as 1237 AH, the year 1244 AH is given in more places. The date of death comes to 1828 AD. It can be presumed that the building on it was constructed at the same date, but the historian Kanaya Lall informs us that the building was constructed by a well-wisher of the Imam at the start of British rule. That would mean anything from 1846 AD to 1849 AD. But the building is not constructed just like that. It is perfect example of a miniature Mughal mausoleum. In fact, it has more affinity with the Mausoleum of Dr Allama Iqbal in the Hazuri Bagh area. An analysis of same is required.

It is not a haphazard construction. It has Euclid principles in its construction. Even the wooden door is based on older models of geometric carving. The balancing act of small pillars on the corners is based on the Taj Mahal itself. The dome is basically recalling the dome of the Nawan Kot mausoleum, presumed by many as Mausoleum of Zeb un nisa, which it is not.

Certainly, the Mimar knew all about Mughal construction. The naqashi on the inner side of the shades itself is very interesting, and recalls that of the mosque itself. But the grave is surrounded by exquisite naqashis on the four walls. The sarcophagus recalls those of older Mughal ones.

The dome of Imam Gamu is outstanding in its shape. To my knowledge only two mausoleums carry this shape. One is the mausoleum at Nawan Kot often confused as the Mausoleum of Princess Zeb un nisa (which it is not). The second is the mausoleum of Hazrat Mian Meer sahib. Both are outstanding developments of Euclidian principles from the double dome of the Shah Jahan era. It is a mixture of Bangla roof with double dome principles. The curve in it is unbelievable charming in all ways. Surely a creation of Lahore architects. The naqashi inside the dome itself placed in perfect harmony. The muqarnas naqashis well formed. All remind us of decorative works done in manuscripts of that period.

It is in total neglect as most things like these come to the end. But a few new inscriptions, both outside and inside show care. One inscription gives the name of many descendants long with their phone numbers. But these people attribute the mausoleum to Imam Farzand Ali, who was the Imam of Wazeer Khan Masjid, around 1900 AD. That is not so. The mausoleum was built by admirer of the Imam at the start of the British rule, that is 1846 AD to 1849 AD. Imam Allah Baksh was the Imam at that time. Who thought about it? One does not know, but it is naturally built out of love and reverence. Umar Din Naqash was the famous Naqash of the time, sitting in his hujra in the mosque itself. He was grandson of Mian Salah Mimar. All this looks like love of a family. Remember that Imam Gamu wrote verses in Punjabi and the greatest Punjabi poet at that time was Baba Hiyadatullah also of Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran. All things are interconnected, but we do know that Mian Salah Mimar was the only architect in Lahore at that time who knew the advanced principles of Mughal architecture. Ghulam Ali Mimar of Mausoleum of Maharani Gul Begum in Miani did not have the credentials to do this job.

Who was the architect at that time?  Someone who was also associated with the Mosque as well as the Bageechi. Father and son of highest old talent lived nearby in the Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran. That is Muhammed Salah Mimar and his son Mian Raheem Baksh Mimar. The cousins had a hujra in the main mosque itself, practicing Naqashi from older times. The hujra of Umar Din Naqash is known to all. His son Baba Miran Baksh followed his profession.

It was here that the family of Mirza Izzad Baksh (last descendant of Wazeer khan), was seduced by Mirza Chajju Baig, who masterminded the theft of the Documents of Wazeer Khan, from the house of the Syed Hussain Ali (Bute Shah), the last official Mutavalli of Wazeer Khan Mosque. It was in connivance with Charles Aitchison, DC Lahore. The mosque passed on to Faheem un nisa and her husband Kareem Baksh, and endless litigation. But that is another story, for another time. 


    1. The last of the actual Mutavallis of the mosque. Imam Gamu’s poetry may be available from Punjab University’s latest acquisition of Manuscript collection of a Professor of Islamia College.

  1. Also can you please tell me from where I can read more about the Baagichi of Wazir Khan and Zufilqiar Shah.


  2. There is a list of Imam Gamu’s relatives with phone numbers on the mazar. Recent addition. But they have given up their heritage. It is difficult for continuation.

  3. Thank you for your work. Cannot seem to find this information anywhere else on the web. I have a few questions. Was there any connection between I mam Muhammad Lateef and Wazir Khan’s families? Around the time of Shah Jahan roughly around (1638-1642 I presume) or afterwards. And also if there was a connection between Wazir Khan’s family and Shah Jahan’s?

    1. No connection with Shah Jahan nor with the Imams. Give me an address and I will send you my book on Wazeer Khan. In fact at one time was punished by Shah Jahan for some moral wrong doing. Forgiven later.

      1. So kind of you for getting back so soon. I was recently handed an excerpt of your book on Wazir Khan, along with the copies of waqfnama (probably from your book), plus a family tree connecting all the way back to Imam Muhammad Lateef. I was hoping to get in touch, and it was only after my earlier comment did I realize that the documents were an excerpt of your book. I would love to get a hold of your book, please do guide what is the proper channel.

  4. Asalaam aliaikum ,

    By way of background :
    Our mother and her grandfathers from her fathers side included Imam Gamu , and his predecessors as far back as early 1700’s .
    Our mothers forefathers from her mothers side were from the Wazir Khan lineage .
    Our forfathers , the Mirza’s , have resided in this complex for centuries , until recently when the last house in our ownership changed hands .
    Coming on to Wazir Khan ….. as I understand , he was a “ fixer” a Horse trader and gifted as a Haqeem / Herbalist .
    He is reputed to have taken on the challenge , with success to cure some disease under the feet of ShaJahans’ daughter or wife . In return
    he was gifted practically half of Lahore at the time and untold wealth. He subsequently went on to a programme to build Iconic Masjids all over India at that time . Wazir Khan Masjid being one of them .
    Naturally the descendants of the Mughals were not happy with this generosity afforded to Wazir Khan and his successors in title .
    There started perpetual discourse and litigation in the courts under the British .
    Politics is as we know a filthy business . False information , malice , corruption are part and parcel of this game .
    I am given to believe when the marriage of my mothers parents ( from both families Mirza’s and Wazirs ) the truce was reached .
    For centuries my mothers forefathers were the custodians of this complex including the Masjid and Imam Gamus’ mausoleum .
    Following independence the Government took over control and dis banded the Immamiath at this site .


  5. The 11 graves ( named as members of the Shah clan ) on the sketch ✍🏼 would it transpires have been the decedents or piers of Emperor Shah Jahan . Most likely this family cemetery was there prior to the elevated ground level in which Imam Gamu and the 6/ 7 graves that are now being excavated .
    On the marble name plate on the entrance to the Imam Gamu Mausoleum.. our Mamus had labels it with “ Mirza Mubarak”
    Mamu tells me he now recalls that when the government took control of the Wazir Khan complex ,
    our Nani insisted that there should be reference to the “ Mirza as well as counterpart / relatives the MUBARAK family … Azar Ali , Zafer Ali etc )
    So it transpires there are land filled layers of various denominations over the Centuries .
    Not surprising .. considering the River Ravi had a history of flooding Lahore .

  6. Nice hearing from you. We know Lahore well and we know this family well. We would like to know more about you. And will write to you.
    All our observations are based on DOCUMENTS and historical evidence. Imam Gamu is a much loved figure.
    Mirza Izzad Baksh for fear of getting city of Wazirabad in wrong hands donated the entire city to his Hindu friends which is on court record. I have written a book on the legacy of Wazeer khan.

  7. There were three groups associated with masjid Wazeer Khan. The descendents, the mutavvlis and the imams. All three were separate. The last of the descendents was Mirza izzad Baksh. The last of actual mutavvlis was Bute Shah urf Ghulam Muhammed. One of the last of imams was Imam Allah Baksh. All had cordial relations till Charles Atchison generated friction and handed control to new people. Endless litigation till President Ayub handed mosque to auqaff. All progress is due to interest of Agha khan Foundation in restoring the mosque. All others ended up looting the mosque and giving nothing. Full credit goes to Kamran Lashari in keeping the project alive. More later.

    1. Sorry for typo the name of Boota Shah the last official Mutavalli is Syed Hussain Ali, and had Syed Jeevan Shah after him. His son was Syed Fatehullah Shah. (All in documents). Last official Imam was Mian Farzand Ali, son of Mian Muhammed, son of Allah Baksh. Descendent of Wazeer Khan, Mirza Izzad Baksh had a daughter but no son.
      All researched with documentary evidence.

  8. A request please take name of Mamus as well as mothers nani and others. Without names no research possible. When did the last property changed ownership. Name same. So that we know.

  9. Are you in Lahore ?
    My last surviving Mamu is in Shad Bagh.
    Weather is blazing hot . You are welcome to go meet him . He will brief you with plenty .


    1. Ofcourse I am in Lahore from a family in Lahore from the last 450 years. Give an address of your Mamu, email or phone. Nice meeting you.

  10. Dear Arif,
    As requested
    Contact of our Mamu.
    Mirza Bakhtiar Ahmed
    Lives in Shadbagh
    +92 321 4679796
    He is also Mamu to
    Fahad Anees
    Mirza laeeque ahmed who you have referenced above .

  11. Dear Arif ,
    I presume you Ryder to my Mamu Mirza Bakhtiar , when stating you know the family well?
    Please do contact him as he is looking forward to speaking to you .

  12. Interesting development .
    The Agha Khan Foundation in collaboration junction with UNESCO have undertaken a remarkable programme to have the wazir Khan
    Masjid Complex in the Walled City of Lahore renovated and restored as a “ World Heritage “ protected site .
    In this effort the Mausoleum of Imam Gamu has been restored . The original Tomb Stone has been carefully exposed with a date inscribed on it as “ Hijri” 1101 …. Circa 1689!
    To date we were led to believe that the death ☠️ f Imam Gamu was 1828?
    It would appear this is from the Mughal Era of Shah Jahan / Aurengzeb ! .
    If anyone has any historical data / records to corroborate this it would be most useful .

  13. The death is reported not in any stone, but in many research books, of that time and as well as later. Confirmed documents prove the same. Sitting in England research is not easy. In historical context, it is literally foolish to accept any other date. The inscription is probably of an older one used again, if there.

  14. I appreciate your thoughts .
    You state” confirmed documents” .
    If you are able to direct me as to what these are and where they can be accessed that would be most useful .
    To raise a query , as I and other professionals are doing … disingenuous to say it is foolish.
    No offence .
    This is what the Lead Researcher of the Agha Khan foundation Cultural Services is lately on record as stating :
    “He died in 1101 Hijra around 1680A.D
    Masjid was completed in 1641 AD
    So he would be the first Imam of Masjid Wazir Khan”
    When one ASSUMES…
    you make an
    ASS OF U & ME !

  15. Dear Arif ,
    You are someone who presents himself as an authority on Wazir Khan and our respected Imam Gamu , it is disappointing to see your defensive responses to my legitimate enquiries .
    I respectfully ask again ? . In your publications you have sighted Imam Gamus’ demise in or about 1828 ? . Is there any particular document or historical reference you are able to sight in order to confirm you assertions in this regard?
    No offence , please do not get me wrong !
    Much obliged .

  16. Dear Arif ,
    Since my last comment . It has now been recorded as a Historical fact by the Archaeologists who have restored the Tomb of Imam Gamu adjacent to the Wazir Khan Masjid .
    That the structure was built in or about 1690 being the Hijra date 1101 inscribed on the grave stone now exposed and restored .
    Credit to Naheed Iftikhar , Umair Ajmal and the Agha Khan Cultural Services Pakistan for their excellent work in restoring this monument to its formal glory .
    The structure is identical to “ Mia Mirs’’ “ Mausaleam built in the Mughal era of Shah Jahan .
    If in doubt please Google search “Lost Tomb of Imam Gamo “ a vlogumentory by Saad Zahid posted a few weeks ago on YouTube .
    I respectfully ask you to amend your recorded posts for completeness .
    No offence intended !


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