Selling souls in the open market

The stereotype has always been there. A person betrays his country, and instead of being rewarded is finally shot dead. The Angrez Sahib retorts, TUM APNI KOM KA NAI, HAMARI KOM KA KESAY BANO GAY”. Somehow this gets stuck in our psyche as being nothing else but the truth. So when a Brown Sahib starts ridiculing our faith in ourselves as ‘MAGNIFICENT DELUSIONS’, then we have to ask about the MEAGER ILLUSIONS of others.

Idea of Pakistan
Idea of Pakistan

All unsuccessful people afraid of losing their steps n the ladder of success, end up bartering themselves, not for the greater goodness of their country, or even for the world, but petty personal gains, of the most ordinary kind. An American once wrote that ‘Pakistanis would sell their mothers’ if required., We know that no Pakistani on Earth can even think that, but yes, Brown Sahibs can, they will sell anything to move forward in their perceived notions of success. A three piece suit would do, a late night sex rendezvous with a MAIM would do too. A bloated lecture on an audience, which must be laughing their hearts out at the arrogance of the imbecile in trying to convince them of his intellectual prowess. Sitting in a long limousine, and being refused entrance to the White House can be accepted too. That has happened in the past, yes, surely! The Quran says a darkness comes in front of the eyes of certain people and they are blinded from reality.

As a young child, we grew up with Americans coming to our house all the time. Friendly Americans, and we loved them. Yes, we stood by them all the time. They talked sense and sensibility, and we related to that. American diplomats frequented the house, both at Ambassador level, as well as other levels. I myself entertained seven full American Ambassadors. We had no problems with them.

Stephen Cohen
Stephen Cohen

One fine day Stephen Cohen was at our door steps in a large limousine car, which had all the trade mark of being American. I dispensed with other businesses to hear this modern intellectual of the United States, a leading think tank of his time. Cohen had a list of 100 people, and my name was in it. He told me that President George Bush had asked him to make a Foreign Policy matter for Pakistan, and before that he had to get an opinion of these 100 people. I asked him., ‘Why me, of all matters?’ He said he did not make the list. The list was given to him in Washington DC itself. No harm done.

Stephen Cohen knew more about myself and my doings than I would have thought. There was homework behind him. He asked him if he could do anything for me. I knew that such a question is always a trap and my retort was simple ‘THINK GOOD OF PAKISTAN, THAT IS ALL I ASK’. He was very perplexed and said that all the people he had visited were asking for some sort of favours, like Visas and concessions and other things. Why had I no such ambition to better my life? I could only smile, and he very well understood. I loved Pakistan, and I am proud to be a Pakistani.

We believe in PEACE. We want PEACE. We will strive for PEACE. We have nothing against anybody on Planet Earth. Let us live and let live. But do not try to grind us under your feet. No one likes that. We love FREEDOM. We want FREEDOM. We assert our SELF RESPECT. Give it to us. Do not let Brown Sahibs paint a MEAGER ILLUSION of us. There is nothing meager about us. We are the proud descendants of a magnificent civilization and culture. We are the proud embodiment of the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam. With ijjtehad, we are moving our civilization forward in time. Nothing can stop us.


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