The Strange ways of dividing Planet Earth

Love of humanity

FamilyThe Judeo-Christian-Muslim traditions brought in empowerment of humanity. An egalitarian world that was not seen before. Equality of humankind with responsibilities. And then the structure which bound society was attacked and the FAMILY became a sign of ridicule in the modern world. To engender more and more friction and boiling, various empowerment formulas were tried again and again. Empowerment of women, empowerment of homosexuals, empowerment of zyphiliacs (an official count was made in Germany of people who confessed to having sex with their dogs which ran into hundreds of thousands), empowerment of criminals (by reducing all sentences possible to a joking minimal), empowerment of concepts like the Devil, Vampires and hate-mongers. A survey said that ‘God has done nothing for mankind as compared to the Devil who is human friendly’. Empowerment of nudity with nude beaches. Empowerment of groups which had Piss and Shit parties (this is not a joke). And what not?

LoveThe end scheme is to break in humanity in total. To interfere in family life, where a young child can take the parents to court for reprimanding him, where a husband can be booked for assault if he makes a pass at his wife, in name of rape. The world goes hungry, people are dying by thousands, war decimating millions, and yet newer and newer moves on the dance platform, catwalks, with girls continuously being undressed to the minimum. Pole dancers swinging their butts on rock hard steel poles to please the voyeuristic in man. Newer and newer drugs to take advantage of human beings and call them, ‘Ecstasy’ like things. Alcoholic content of drinks being increased to the level where man can stop thinking and using his brain. Bollywood excels in the ridiculous and most vulgar sex jerks, which even puts Elvis Presley to shame.

The Quran tells us to think and ponder. The media presents two extremes to engender a high rating. The normal people of the world missed in all parleys. It is not time to empower ANARCHY. It is time of EMPOWER HUMANITY again. The King Midas should sacrifice their collected trillions and spend them on the welfare of mankind to make the world not only a happier place but PARADISE itself. An if not, then it is time for people to rise and assert their presence on Planet Earth.


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