Cold Start War doctrine and motivation

Punjab Regiment Officers
Punjab Regiment Officers

The history of Lahore had seen many wars. We recalled an attack on Lahore in 1059 by the combined Hindu strength of Rajas. The Ghaznavid Army was here but Sultan Masood was not in town. The People of Lahore stood their ground and although many fell in the siege of Lahore, Lahore survived and it this victory that is still remembered by the extant mazar of the Shaheeds in Lahore, called Ganj Shaheedan. The 1965 war was similar in many ways., A surprise attack was launched on Lahore, and the war revolved around the KANGRI PULL, or the BRIDGE OF THE PROSTITUTE. This is the same bridge where Ranjit Singh on returning from victory from Amritsar met Moran, the femme fatale of his life. In radio broadcasts of that time the name of the ‘Kanjri pull’ came again and again. It was people like Major Aziz Bhatti who held the enemies at bay, and destroyed the General Chaudry’s proud assertion of drinking at Lahore Gymkhana. The plan ruined finally.

Allah o Akbar!
Allah o Akbar!

This time the plan is in motion again. The butcher of Gujarat, if elected, plans to take over the country and for that Lahore is a must for their design. This time it is said that the war will be fought NOT ON KANJRI PULL but on the METRO BUS TRACK, where the enemy tanks will run to quell Lahore. The dream is that Lahore will wake up one day to be an enslaved city . I am sure that the Army who blew up the ‘Kanjri pull’ once, will have to blow up the Metro bus track too, for the safety of Lahore. Yes, it is all possible, and just read between the lines in any news broadcast, and you will see that the think tank donkeys of the world are braying about the demise of Pakistan.

Records records!
Records records!

Just what saves Pakistan all the time? Ask anyone on the street and they say the same thing. We are protected by Allah. It is only due to Allah that Pakistan is still in existence. It is a belief which does not go away. It is futile to say that we have stopped following Allah. People believe that Allah will never desert us. And that belief gives us one UNCONDITIONAL EDGE OVER ADVERSARY. MOTIVATION. And that motivation makes us know fully that a death for the sake of the country does not go unrewarded. We call that SHAHADAT and that is part of JEHAD of life. Jehad the most beautiful expression of need to help all others in need. A jehad which brought Muhammed bin Qasim here, and a Jehad which will drive General Raheel Shareef to become the hero of all times. Captain Shabbir Syed will be truly proud of him. And yes I did buck Shabbir when he won all the races for Munster House at Saint Anthony’s High School Lahore.

Lame excuses sour grapes...
Lame excuses sour grapes…


  1. We used to put black paper on our window panes, put mud covering on our car, see the light balls at night, see the planes fly and drop bombs on Lahore in 1971 (a tonga destroyed near the do-moria pull), but most of all we heard CHEERS. On every rickshaw we read the Shia sentence LIVE LIKE ALI, DIE LIKE HUSSAIN. But this is a nation who enjoys VICTORY. And knows how to snatch one from the jaws of death.

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