Expediting death so that constitution would be unfinished

Everyone has heard of Colonel Elahi Baksh, the Doctor who treated Quaid-e-Azam in his last days. We knew a little more, for his youngest son studied with us in school. Colonel Elahi Baksh put the last days of our beloved leader in a book form and it is a record of its time.

Last photograph
Last photograph

One interesting thing you read the book is that in his last days, the Quaid was yearning to eat some HALWA, and late on partook both Halwa and Puri. He had asked the permission of Colonel Elahi Baksh and the doctor gave it, and found the Quaid very happy after he took the sweet meat of our region. Usually Maulvis are famous for their yearning for Halwa, and it comes as a surprise that our Quaid loved Halwa too. Of course we all take Halwa Puri at one time or the other, and there is nothing new here.

What is more of study is a simple question: Why were Antibiotics not given to the Quaid? Yes, antibiotics were discovered in World War II and Pencillin was in rage. It was in use in Delhi in 1946 (stored in refrigerators and sold in thermos to be used as injections). In Lahore too we dreaded Pencillin injections. The syringe used to be so big, and boiled in boiling water, and then piercing our skin, to bring tears in our eyes. But it was there, and it did cure infections. And tuberclosis was an easily treated infection even at that time if antibiotics had been put to use. The best doctors were treating the Quaid, including a specialist American doctor. Why were they hesitant to recommend treatment of antibiotics for the Quaid? Here we sense a conspiracy we knew all along. The death of Quaid was being expedited so that the Constitution he was writing, would not be passed in the Assembly. Begum Shahnawaz in her book has clearly pointed out that there existed besides the bed stand of the Quaid, a manuscript copy of the Constitution. THEN SOMEONE DISAPPEARED IT AN IT WAS NOT FOUND. People suspect that some foreign lobbies were responsible for stealing his draft of the future Pakistan.

Unfortunately no one recovers our past. For no one cares about the future. The present suits everybody, as exploitation of Pakistan by malignant Pakistanis go on and on. When will it stop?

Funeral of Quaid e Azam
Funeral of Quaid e Azam


  1. We will recover Pakistan dear Quaid. Do not toss yourself around in the grave. The flame of Pakistan is ever alive!

  2. I dont know that all Pakistani are sleeping, Its totally planned murder of our beloved world’s Greatest Leader. Plz do inquiry from all these son of bitches e.g Dr Ilahi Baksh, Dr Mistry, Dr Arif Riaz, 1st ambulance’s Driver, 2nd Driver and also adc

  3. I don’t think it was a conspiracy.Because before partition doctors informed Quaid-E-Azam that he won’t live long because of his medical condition.He asked this to be kept a secret so that he can complete his mission.He knew that if the hindus or british became aware of his condition then they will prolong the struggle,so he does not complete his mission before dying.I read somewhere a statement by some british leader from that time if britian knew of Quaid-E-Azams condition then, they would never accepted muslims demands,they will have have prolonged the struggle.

    1. Pencillin was discovered in the post World War period and became available here. The disease started when there was no cure but cure was readily available in the last days of Quaid e Azam. At that time there was no fear of things going wrong. Pakitan was made. The leader was being throttled before he could give the constitution. A fact!

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