Conversions to Islam from a way of life

Never a Sword
Never a Sword

If somebody was to put a sword to my throat, will it change my faith? If some Sufi tries to recite a chant? Would these approaches have any effect. ZERO. No one can change another’s way of life except through a revolution of perception.

Mental growth is not possible without exposure to a greater truth. When the brain acknowledges that the present way of life is poorer than the exposed new one. Only then! And that may take a long time, even a generation or two. When Muhammed bin Qasim defeated Raja Dair and became the ruler of Sind, was the conversion overnight? Absolutely not. It took time for the people to realize the way of life being offered to them was a way of life of emancipation. Riddled in a racial distinct class, egalitarianism was a new experience.

In the Hindu Times a Jatt or Gujar was held in so much contempt, that one could not come out of the house or dwelling without a dog accompanying him. The class was equated with the repulsiveness of being a dog. This is not what I am saying, this is written history of that time. So when such a society is exposed to equality of all, what would a person feel? Relieved that in front of Allah, everyone is equal, and everyone should be treated with love, respect and dignity. This is ground for conversion. No Amir, no ruler ever bothered to convert people. Who would want to put a sword on a person throat for conversion? Only a silly person who would not know the behaviour of people cannot be manipulated in any such way.

The ruler long with all others, knelt in front of their God, together in mosques, which were airy, roomy, full of light and sunshine. Nothing secretive about them. No hidden machinations at all. And what did the initials words they heard said? In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, Beneficent, the Merciful, all words of love, contrary to fears generated by other religions. Love and caring won. It always does!

Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Brotherhood and Sisterhood


  1. As today that love and caring is not there, today’s conversions are in all ways suspect and would be short lived. Love and care regardless of anything else, nothing else matters except harmony on Planet Earth.

    1. Today the Mullah only induces fear through the concept of QABAR KA AZAB. Certainly they should fear it themselves.

      1. Today atheists in garb of seculars are the most powerful on Earth with the greatest missiles power in history. Is the world accepting their belief in NO GOD. Certainly not. Most of the world still believes in God and will never forgo the moral strength accrued through this hold. Our need for God is more than our fear of atheists.

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