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Dara Shikoh with girls
Dara Shikoh with girls

Shah Jahan the father, and Arjumand Bano (Mumtaz Mahall) the mother, and of all the children, two brothers resenting each other from day one. The personalities of both were different, but the resentment was in more emotional terms. The father, Shah Jahan loved his eldest son Dara Shikoh so much, that he was not willing to see anyone else, not even his other children. Whereas Dara Shikoh was not coming up to any standards, Aurangzeb excelled in everything. Dara Shikoh was arrogant and rude with people. Aurangzeb was so polite, that even the father forbade him to carry such a character. On a military mission Dara Shikoh (to Qandahar) failed, and started using the help of magicians (homosexual pervert) to win wars. Aurangzeb was battle hardened and with enormous guts by any standards. A famous incident occurred when an elephant lost his cool and ran towards the brothers. Dara Shikoh scampered away scared for his life while Aurangzeb stood his ground as a mere teenager. His bravery won him the heart of courtiers. Scared of the popularity of Aurangzeb, Shah Jahan kept Dara Shikoh near him and sent Aurangzeb far away.

Fearing Aurangzeb Alamgeer’s credentials to be a King, the father planned his very end. Yes this was not enough, Shah Jahan planned the assassination of his own son. Aurangzeb was invited to court and plans were laid to kill him. The sister Roshan Ara discovered the plan and warned Aurangzeb not to come to court, and his life was saved, much to the resentment of both Shah Jahan and Dara Shikoh. Now was this known by people who without knowing anything, resort to fantasy versions put in books as well as the internet. A detailed discussion can be found in my book AINAH KHANAH LAHORE OF PRINCE DARA SHIKOH, published in January, 2014.

The official history ‘Maaseray-Alamgeeri’ tells us:
“At this time Bahadur Khan brought Dara Shikoh to the exalted court, he was kept in the palace of Khizirabad. As it was necessary for various reasons to remove the dust of his life, from the plain of the world of the living, on the night of tuesday, the 30th August, the lamp of his light was quenched, and he was buried in Humayoun’s tomb.”
Today there are two graves in the mausoleum of Humayoun pointed out as the possible grave of Dara Shikoh. But both have very respectable sarcophagus on them, and it is considered, that Dara Shikoh was given a dignified burial, details of death obviously are unknown.

Dara portrait
Dara portrait


When two parties fight and the fight reaches a zenith, it is inevitable that one party will lose, and the other will win. If Aurangzeb Alamgeer would have lost, surely Dara Shikoh would not have forgiven him but meted out a horrible end to him. As to what the end would be is hypothetical, given that Dara Shikoh lost. Foreign travelers are fond of spreading canards, and claim to be where they were not. Obviously Dara Shikoh was brought to Delhi humbled in all ways on an elephant and later put to death. But the death was not whimsical. A regular committee of various people (including Islamic scholars) sat and deliberated on the fate of Dara Shikoh. There is plenty of evidence to this day that his statements literally amounted to heresy (he held that the Quran cannot be understood without reading the Gitas), but even then his life was considered to be spared. Votes were cast, for and against, and he lost. A group of Ulema (not Mullahs) of the times judged him to be a heretic. But the decision for his death was political. Sparing him would have resulted in endless strife for the newly oriented kingdom.

The foreigners Francois Catrou, Niccolao Manucci and Francois Bernier had all tried to paint a pathetic picture of his end, as they may have been a witness to the end of Dara Shikoh. Whatever happened and Nazer is considered by them to be the person who beheaded Dara Shikoh, cannot be known. But there is a marked paradox attached to the story of the death of Dara Shikoh! If Dara Shikoh was really beheaded, then how come his body was put on an elephant again and paraded in Delhi? How could a headless body be paraded in Delhi? It is literally not possible for anyone to do, otherwise it would have invited endless wrath of people. But the real joke goes further. If these foreigners had pinpointed that Dara Shikoh had died a Hindu, it was obviously believable. But their statement borders on ridicule of the highest order. That Dara Shikoh died a Christian.

The words used are:

“The Christian sentiments with which the missionaries had endeavoured to inspire him, were revived in the closing hour of his life. He requested to be allowed a conversation with Father Busee, a Flemish Jesuit, who had formerly instructed him in our sacred Mysteries. All communication with the Europeans was denied to him. In this universal desolation, the Prince sought for consolation in God. He was heard to say more than once: Mahomet has destroyed me, Jesus Christ the son of the Eternal will save me.”

In Persian the words used are:

“Mahammad ma-ra mikushad, ibn Allah Maryam mibashaid.”

These pesky travelers are saying that all communication with the Europeans was denied to the Prince, and yet they seem to be in communication with him all the time. Even the most obvious things reveal glaring lies, and yet people are reluctant to see them in perspective.

These travelers state that when the head of Dara Shikoh was brought to Aurangzeb Alamgeer, he wept and blurted out his sentiments by calling Dara Shikoh as ‘Kam-bakht’. Why was there even a need to see the head? These are stories made by the priests merely to defame Aurangzeb Alamgeer, who they rightly feared, for his faith in Islam. The ‘Fatwa Alamgeeri’ is a magnum opus of those days. Indeed Dara Shikoh had everything and a thinking mind too, and it was his bad luck to find wrong companionship and to be swept away from the annals of truth. The most destructive company was that of Sarmad, the Armenian Jew, who was a professed homosexual and roamed around totally naked on the streets of Delhi (naturally not befitting the heir to the throne to be seen with such bohemians). It is indeed a tragedy to have everything and to lose it. Dara Shikoh had everything, but lost the confidence of the people. Even if a referendum had been held, the people would have voted against him. Allah tests us all the time!

Grave of Dara Shikoh
Grave of Dara Shikoh


    1. It is quite obvious that this article is nothing but a distortion of the truth. You seem to glorify Aurangzeb, who was a bloodthirsty monarch hated by the masses for his repression of the Jats, Sikhs and the Marathas. Shivaji, the great , drove this evil emperor to madness. Historian agree that the depraved and deranged Aurangzeb was responsible for the demise of the Mughal Empire.

      Stop being a revisionist. Dara Shikoh is revered to this day by Hindus and Muslims in India. Compared to him Aurangzeb was an Shayatan of the first order. His authoritarian rule was a disaster and to this day he is cursed by Sikhs and Hindus.

      1. You are welcome to keep your view. No right to impose your view on ours. You lack available resources to study the truth.

        1. Oh,it is full of distortion of mind, distortion of truth.Please keep studying about Mughal Prince Dara.How noble and popular he was.Try to study the books he wrote about Sufism.

      2. Dear Kamran I remember we met on the bus to Lindenhurst city in New York State and you were voicing your views, but your name and religion was different then, I think. Revising things at your end too.

      3. The emperor Shahjahan was a bloodthirsty as well, he killed his younger brother to ascend the throne, this is usual story of any mid-age kings/rulers throughout the world. Shahjahan had a great confidence on Aurangzeb, from very young age Aurangzeb was appointed as viceroy of his father’s most rebellious provinces, no one had gained this competence as he did. Aurangzeb was the only emperor who owned and gained control over marathas, the Mughal empire stretched at it’s peak during his regime only, non of his predecessor couldn’t even imagine that! The regime of Shahjahan and Jahangir saw their extravagant lifestyle through a full of wastefulness and perversion 🙂

        Whoever those historians you are talking about, just reading history books won’t make you a historian, talking about a person from a certain age of time, you have to put on shoes from that age to interpret the complete scenario.

      4. You are right, even Dara loved his brother Aurangzeb, When Aurangzeb was 14 he poisoned the food of Dara who was saved at least and shah jahan became furious and ordered a punishment for Aurangzeb but Dara Shiloh convinced his brother to forgave Aurangzeb.

    2. I think this is a biased version. One can easily discern author’s likes and dislikes. It lacks the objectivity which is very essential while dealing with one of the most crucial chapters in the history of India.

    3. Mughal rule is marked by two different streams of thought: one, pluralism and sycretism espoused by Akbar which paved way for sustained Mughal rule and other represented by Aurangazeb which was the cause for disintegration of the empire soon after his death. Here there is an attempt to show Akbar’s philosophy in poor light in favour of bias towards Sunni Islam shown by the later emperor. History has proved time and again which one was superior. Dara was a man of letters, idealistic and of refined taste for art and literature. Our own time has proved that idealists are sidelined in the murky waters of power politics. But the author has taken much pain to denigrate Dara with a selective miniature painting.

  1. Two nation theory personified here with two real brothers different ideologies. India and Pakistan personified really!

    1. Dear Shalu Ji: All the Mughals were tolerant people. Forget about the hype on the internet. Aurangzeb himself was a very tolerant person. He was all praise for the Caves of Ellora and had put Hindus on his court ranks all the time and given grants to Mandirs (on record madame). It is the political process which shatters this harmony. Tolerance is mandatory in Islam. We have to respect other ways of life, otherwise we are not Muslims. My father M.A Rahman Chughtai was so fond of Hindu Culture that many Hindus literally worshipped him. Not that he became less Muslim, he was tolerant. We are happy to coexist in love and harmony with you. After all we are the Chaghatais (Mughals) ourselves. The internet is continuation of the DIVIDE AND RULE policy of the British. Come to Lahore and be our guest anytime. In meantime enjoy my father’s work on Hindu mythology.

      1. Like many people we are not paid to be nice to Hindus. We are not hypocrites. Whatever we say we say from the heart. So many people com here and visit us, even from India. And they go back as friends. That is our tolerance. In 1922 Venkatachalam the famous critic visited the house of Chughtai Artist. The artist made him stay at his own house and my mother entertained him. Once critical of joy, all his life, he patronized and promoted Chughtai. In the end LOVE wins over all. The Superintendent of the construction of the mausoleum of Rabia Durrani, (at Aurangabad in Deccan) beloved wife of Aurangzeb, was a Hindu. That is tolerance!

      2. Tolerant rulers wouldn’t impose additional taxes on the basis of religious beliefs. There were Mughals that were tolerant to some extent and there were others who destroyed temples to build mosques over them. If one says that there was no injustice to hindus during the Mughal rule, then surely his/her perspective perhaps assumes they deserved such bad treatment because of their being adamant to accept the ‘superior’ religion of the rulers!

        1. Dear Gemmi, that additional taxes was not based on religious beliefs, it was based on contribution of the citizen of a muslim state/empire. Aurangzeb established Islamic laws thus his empire became an Islamic empire where muslims had to fight or contribute for it’s protection/extension. If the non-muslims had similar contributions as muslims for the Islamic state, then there shouldn’t be any extra taxes, only if they didn’t want to participate, each war consists of considerable amount of costs and life risks where non-participants must compensate it by paying taxes, that’s it. Whether you like or dislike this Islamic laws that’s different issue. The fact is, this law was not devised by Aurangzeb himself, it was well established and he just enacted it.

  2. Contrary to what you may think, no one tried to convert Hindus. None was more tolerant than the Mughals. I know I am one too. Knowledge is not there on internet. It is in sources which were suppressed in British quest for DIVIDE and RULE. Two nations are different but that does not mean they like to change the other. Change cannot come with sword, it is internal driven. Approach to life is totally different. Allah tells us never to disparage another’s way of life. The rights of Minorities are guaranteed in any place where Islam rules. If Muslims do not follow their Allah at times, it is not due to their faith but lack of it. There is hundred percent truth on this site, guaranteed.

    1. Dear Chugtai Sir,
      I do read the article about Dara. But I could not understand why Aurangzeb calling Dara as Besukoh? Also leave apart politics if he was tolerant why he destroyed hindu temples. answers to these questions please send me on my email

      Personally I like Aurangzeb but some of his actions can not be explained. I am an historian by virtue.

    2. I think Kashmiri Muslims are most intolerant in the world,they drove away 7 lakh Kashmiri Pandits from their own land having five thousand years of history in Valley and height of this thing is that they protest for their resettlement in the valley.It is to be noted that Kashmiri Muslims have converted from Kashmiri Pandits only two to three hundred years before. Kashmiri Muslims claim that Jihad in Islam means to be unjust on Hindus and to be perpetrators and ruthless till they agree for conversion.

      1. “Kashmiri Muslims are intolerant”. I hope you hearty and hail , since you have not been in that sphere of life you can’t comment. It is so true people stand with religion than truth as is the case with you. Kashmiri Pandit exodus was a political move both Indian and Pakistan involved. Who are you to decide about conversion, as per we Muslims Adam the first prophet and human was Muslim and that makes you a revert and as per your statement you are unjust then. You are narrating the same story of once upon a time and that shows your weakness, and Yes you are weak to understand and accept failures

  3. Mohammed himself was not a Mohammedan when he was born. Was he a kaffir, a sinner? And can you tell me who converted Mohammed to Islam? He was never converted. Just as Jesus remained a Jew, Mohammed remained a pagan all his life; Mohammedanism is something that started after his death. So if Mohammed, a kaffir,

    1. You are a non sense person to debate with. You are illiterate to begin with and a non human. Your revealed you identity and this is how vile you are. You thoughts are your curse , here none is talking about religion and had one been i surely would trace and tell you how you came into being from shit.

      1. Common sense should prevail for all. Bad mouthing is really bad. Disagree without being disagreeable, But dealing with extremists really drives one mad. Surely!

  4. Guru Ji Nice hearing from you. Islamophobia is current rage so you are excused. Jumping from Dara Shikoh to our revered Prophet (PBUH) is a reflection of your mind. Am I entitled to say anything bad about your believes? I am not allowed by my way of life, my DEEN. Intellectuals discuss things with open minds, yours is closed. I cannot open your mind. I cannot even try. The Quran warns us of such minds. That is why we are two nations living in separate lands. There is no reconciliation here. Two Nation theory stands proved minute by minute in our existence. Live and enjoy yourself in Delhi, after all we made Delhi as it is. Our monuments provide you with needed resources. As far as Dara Shikoh is concerned, who would know him better than us. My direct ancestors worked for him, and dedicated their books to him, and were with him till the last. Request a copy of our free book to educate yourself. People living in glass houses should not throw stones.

  5. The book”the peacock throne” by Hansen reveals that infact Dara,at the time of his death punishment,reqested for christian father to be brought to him….another book “auto biography of Jahanara in persian” gives clues that Dara was religious,and open to all on the earth.

  6. The primary reason Dara was killed was because he tried to amalgamate Islam with Hinduism.

    However even without this charge Auranzeb would have killed him. Dara was too weak and would have been easily coaxed into a rebellion had he been allowed to live.

    Ashoka killed 99 Brothers to reach the throne.

    It was Dara who drew the first blood ; it was Dara who first declared himself to be the King; it was Dara who refused to settle amicably.

    1. Very glad to see sensible people out there amongst rumour mongers. Of course even we have regards for Dara Shikoh but arrogance turn you into something which is anti human in all ways. Aurangzeb is painted as anti-Hindu which h was not. We have written many places that Hindus abounded in his cabinet, daily life etc. He is on record with farmans of gifts to Mandirs and the hereditary custodians. He destroyed only where state property was turned into political machinery to oust him. More elsewhere!

  7. really a very informative article indeed. i had been to himayuns tomb recently . was astonished by the beauty of gardens and architecture .

  8. the writing is quite interesting but wholly depends on mere speculation and misinformation.there are so many instances showing intolerant and tyranical rule of aurangjeb towards other religions. mr, chugtai claims to be a mughal but he should learn to inherit the tolerant values of his ancestors lie dara shikoh.

    1. See the multiple Hindu works done by my father Abdur Rahman Chughtai to see how tolerant we are. Many hang in your national museum in Delh. Hundreds of sikh and hindu friends. All of you are ignorant lot.

      1. I don’t doubt your religion or your secularism bro, but your leaders and fanatics in your country who are ruining the nation’s image in the globe. My only 2 best friends are Muslims, Imtiaz and Shabbir. Pl do something in that area if you can. Aur apko aur apke waalid ko tah- e – dil salaam karta hun.

  9. Mr. Aarif rahman chugtai…you seems to be very arrogant calling yourself a MUGHAL and you also put your point saying mughal were very tolerant….but can u explain who was TAIMUR LUNG..?
    Was’nt he ur ancestor a mughal. And what was so tolerant about him…?

    1. Timur was a great leader of his times and his contributions are there to this day. Obviously kings those days had their own ways and means of doing things. Fail the $orals of today. But. Was it true for them alone. A thousabd slaughter eXamples exist in. India. And what about present such as George Bush who killed sixteen lakh people including women and children in Ira q alone. History is full of rotten things bt a clear mind is needed to analyze. I am proud that my abcestors worked at. Dara shikohs court till the last hour risking death. Most of you writing are mere emotional bursts without knowledge.

      1. Bhai aap kisi bhi Mughal ko zulmi nahi bata rahe hain, ye to zyadti hai. Kya Tarek Fatah jo ki aap hi ke mulk ke hain, woh Dara Shikoh se bahot mutassir hain aur baqi mughalon ki shaan mei bahot ghalat nazariya rakhte hain. Ab ye mat kahiyega ki wo traitor hain ya aur kuch. Please thodi roshni daaliye . Shukriya.

  10. Giving example of george bush instead of explaining tyrant nature of your ancestors is a good idea….
    But Mr. Rahman would you please tell me what contribution did he make to india and pak rather than slaughtering and robbing people..
    Lakhs of infidels(oh yes you call them infidels who dont pray ur god and they dont deserve to live) were killed during his quest to delhi in the name of allah….
    And you are supporting his cause….very good Mr. Rahman….
    Afterall you are the blood of this great great personality

    1. Our way of life does not even condone ONE UNNECESSARY DEATH. It is not only amusing but all together silly to hold me responsible for the actions of someone long one. The Mughals made India India, otherwise not even a single tourist would ever come to see your kama sutra sculptures. Why not look at your own NARENDAR MODI the angel of death in Gujarat instead of myself, who is spreading aesthetics around the world. You are indeed a portion of RAW itself.

    2. Manju Ji, picking up the name of Manajeet Singh, a proclaimed terrorist of RAW who killed many people in a bomb attack in Lahore, fixing a wrong email, and then enjoying all this from the shores of California, is indeed surprising. I would have thought that living in an American society would make you more liberal and tolerant. Analyze what is being said, instead of jumping centuries ago in imaginative riot. We are only responsible for our own actions, nobody else. God bless you !

      1. Mr Chugatai the way you choose to glorify Aurangzeb and villify Dara Shikoh reflects upon the version of bigoted history being taught there in your country.
        I have heard that your textbooks teach that Muhammad Bin Qasim was the first Pakistani.The same history which teaches you to glorify the marauders like Ghauri , Abdali , Muhammad bin Qasim who had butchered the people residing in what is today known as Pakistan.Though those people followed different religion but those who were butchered were the ancestors of present day Pakistanis.

  11. Aurangzeb was a tyrant who destroyed Hindu Temples and slaughtered Hindus and Sikhs and Darashikoh, just like Akbar, only wanted Muslims and Hindus to live in peace. I can tell by your comments that you’re the kind of person who would believe anything the government would tell you. You should really pick up an unbiased history book and stop believing in all this Muslim propaganda.

    1. Such stereotypes are common for illiterate people. Were you there in Aurangzebs time to hear street gossip? Truth is that Babari masjid was destroyed in front of our eyess by zealots with hate in their hearts. Soon you will know more from us. Use your own name please.

      1. Dear Mr Chugtai . You are a descendant of Chengis khan through his second son Chugtai Khan. Kutlugh Nigar Khanam belonged to chugtai Mughal tribe. Kutlugh Nigar Khanam is the mother of Babar. Omar Shaikh Mirza is the father of Babur. Omar shaikh Mirza belongs to Barlas Clan(tribe)of Moghuls.

      2. You call any one illiterate who possess knowledge other than what you posses.
        Some tolerant person u are. In one of your answers you said mughals made india and otherwise there would have been no tourists today.
        Ever been to south india? Seen the glorified past we had(long long before mugals). we were inventers, discoverers doctors, scholars and what not. India was called a golden bird before mughals, not after them. So who made India and who tried it the other way around?

    2. Actually Muslim barbarism have started when Ali (shere Khuda) was treacherously murdered on whom Prophet pbuh would strongly rely upon.Ali Hyder was powerful and has played a major role for Islam during p Prophets time.Maximum battles were won because of Ali especially battle of khandak. Karbala is an example in which humanity was painfully murdered.Infants and little babies were not allowed to drink water nor milk or food.Hussain the grand son of Prophet pbuh was acutely loved by Prophet pbuh was mercilessly killed or beheaded by then pseudo Islamists .so what could others from different religions expect.only after less than 100 years Mohd bin Qasim came India as a looter and killer of millions of Hindus to enforce Islam and kidnapped 20 thousands Hindu women for their sensual pleasures and landed over to Mansabdars as gifts or Mali ganeem.

  12. if we read aurangzeb letters written to his father shah jahan i hope that all of our missunderstandig about aurangzeb will be away. we must to be study the original sources

  13. If Dara Shikoh doesn’t lack the qualities of administration then how he failed to coronate himself as an emperor being the favourite of his father………….. The then common people also should have support him.

  14. Very interesting discussion. I am writing a novel on the life and times of Khushal Khan Khattak and he came across all the leading men of that time. Shahjahan, Dara Shikoh, Aurangzeb. He fought Aurangzeb for six years in the Roh, leading a Pashtun rebellion.
    Mughals were Muslims, mostly, but to say they came to spread Islam and suppress other religions is TOTALLY wrong. If that had been true, no Non – Muslim would be living in India today.

  15. Auragzeb’s major fault was his obsessive comulsive behaviour in the Deccan. Instead of cosolidating his Empire, he kept expanding and eventually led to the implosion of the Mughal dynasty. Rajouts, Marathas( Hindus) and the Pashtuns( Muslims) were the backbone of the Empire and two of them turned against him because of ovr reach. This is alesson of history that when an Empire over-extends, it crumbels. Chughtai Sahib keep up the good work.

  16. A very interesting article. Who is to judge as to who was right now after three centuries have gone by. Historically, based on the literature of the times recorded by the then historians across the land, belonging to various faiths, it is clear that Mughals were a little tolerant of the majority of the Indian sub continent. Given a chance and opportunity, I don’t disbelieve that the rulers would have put a sword to every one they considered kafir. Thanks to the many Hindu kingdoms, there was a substantial backlash. To the greatness of Hinduism, India has let the Muslims to live as equal citizens of our great land. This cannot even be dreamt in a Muslim country, where people of other faiths are allowed to practice their way of life and be prosperous. Mr. Chugtai is just following the adage he has been brainwashed by his religion of”peace” that one innocent death is akin to killing the humanity. Look at the Daesh rascals, see what they are doing to their brethren. History repeats itself. Does mr. Chugtai not realize that Barbie masjid was built using the “ruins” of Hindu temples. If people put blinders on, their vision becomes occluded indeed.

  17. Dara Shikoh was an intellectual, scholar, a profound writer. I loved this prince. Aurangzeb was a murderer who almost alienated everyone and suffered through identit crisis the consequences of which we still suffering. The Sikhs retaliated
    against Mughal rule first in 1857 and then during partition against Punjabi Muslims by killing hundred thousands of them. Aurangzeb forgot India was a multi religious,multi cultural, multi lingual country. 50 years was too long to wage war in Deccan. Xiang was a modern version of Aurangzeb

  18. Why are you glorifying Aurangzeb, he kind nothing other than voilence, a brutial terrorist of all his times.. By buring truth, fact will not die, it will come out.. Please dont twist the fact. Aurangzeb is nothing, but an ISIS of today century. .My simple submission is, this whole thing will take it to the past rather than to a future where all people leave in peace and harmony.. Remember all are equals. NO ONE IS SLAVE OF ANYBODY..

  19. Arif Rahman g, I would like you to put some light on guru arjan devs martydom , guru Teg bahadurs martydon, and 10 th guru Gobind singh’s sons martydon which all took place during Mughal rule . Looks like you are quite a scholar and knows everything very very well. So please tell me who was responsible for all these atrocities if Muslim Kings were tolerant. I will be highly thankful to you to give me gyaan.

  20. U r portraying dara shikoh wrong he was symbol of unity b/w hindu and muslim truely he was rhe nivle prince

  21. Yes dara Shikoh was a noble and tolerant man and a discipline of sai Mia meer Ji who was a devotee of god and very tolerant to other religions. He was a true human being.

  22. There were court -historians of Aurangzeb who wrote history in favour of Aurangzeb otherwise Aurangzeb had beheaded them like Dara shikoh,murad baksh,sulaiman shikoh and several others.You have given the same false version. Please read “Kitne Pakistan” by Kamleswar then only you will know how great Dara shikoh was.Pakistan would not have come into existence and history of India would have taken a good turn if Dara Shikoh would have been the emperor instead of Aurangzeb.

  23. Sir,
    Please do proper research before writing ,this article is awfully biased plus the facts are in such distortion of truth,u have given a picture saying Dara Shikoh’s grave but in truth Aurangzeb after beheading Dara mutilated his head 3 times with Sword and sent that yo his old and ailing father with clear instructions to be presented before him while he is having dinner,Dara Shikoh was an extremely talented prince ,benevolent and was continously putting efforts to end the conflict between Sanatan dharm and Islam…..pls do verify the facts again from official sources.

  24. It is really ridiculous. The perceptions differ so much between India and Pakistan and that consolidates the two nation theory fully. 53 comments on same subject and most unwilling to look up some real history books and find out that their ingrained stereotypes are mythical. We use documentations in our blog, not imaginary internet stories. Awake up to the truth. We are different. Our views are different. But we have never tried po destroy you in any way. You have been busy for the last 70 years in doing so. And you have not succeeded. Hatred blinds you to the truth. Co-existence is accepting each others way of life. Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb were real blood brothers but the TWO NATION THEORY divided them in two. Now you understand!

  25. Chughtai Sahib,
    I agree with you that Aurangzeb was politicaly a good administrator, unlike Dara, but you must know that
    * Shah Abdul Aziz also believed that Koran could be perfectly understood by studying other revealed scriptures.
    Hayat-i Shah Ishaq Muhaddith Dehlvi)
    * A Naqshbandi sufi Mirza Mazhar-i Jan-i Janan Shaheed considered Hindus as Ahl-i Kitab (The nation upon which Allah revealed a book)
    Maqamat-i Mazhari
    * Iqbal too held the same beliefs. He says regarding himself:
    Sunta hoon k kafir nahi hindu’on ka samajhta
    T: I have heard that he (i.e Iqbal) doesn’t consider Hindus as infidels.
    Poem: Zuhd o Rindi, Bang-i Dara
    * God says:
    ‘O Ahl-i Kitab, come to The Common Word that lies between us.’
    * Dara Shikuh’s crime was this that he clearly expressed the common word in common terms.
    Refer to:
    Majma ul Bahrayn
    * Dara Shikuh was born as & died as a devot muslim
    Refer to:
    His books

  26. Morever, Aurangzeb’s spiritual guide Muhammad Ma’sum Sirhindi said:
    ‘Dara Shikuh left (this world) with Faith (Iman)’
    Tadhkira- Mashaikh-i Naqshbandiyya
    Page: 551

  27. I read this article and found that many things mentioned over here was not fact or not correct history “Dara Shikoh (1615-1659) was a gentle Sufi intellectual, who believed that the search for God is the same for everyone and devoted his life to synthesizing Vedantic and Islamic spirituality. Thinking that the ‘hidden book’ in the Quran, ‘Kitab al-Maknun’, is in fact the Upanishads, he learned Sanskrit and translated the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Vasishtha into Persian with the help of the pundits of Banaras. Following in Akbar’s footsteps, he cultivated the Sikh guru, Har Rai, and was invited to lay the foundation stone of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. All this did not go well with the orthodox bigot Aurangzeb, who declared Dara a threat to public peace and a traitor to Islam. And so, Dara was put to death and Aurangzeb succeeded to the throne to establish a harsh Sharia rule over an overwhelmingly non-Muslim India. Ironically, today it is Aurangzeb — the killer of his brothers, nephews, and his own children — who is a Muslim hero in Pakistani history while Dara has been reduced to a footnote. Fortunately, liberal writers both in Pakistan and India keep his wonderful legacy alive by coming up with a new play or a book on his life every few years.” We live peacefully in India with all religions and with equality.

    1. Very well said. Dara Shikoh was a noble saint whose search for the truth led him to vedanta. His works are a constant reminder to everyone that humanity prevails over religion. All paths lead to the same source.

  28. We still are living in dark ages if we believe that medieval rulers , their atrocities, their governance, their battles, their farmans etc were based on religion. I am sorry but what I see is, it all was greed of power n wealth, religion was used as a wrapper.

    Be it Muslim, Hindu or Sikh dynasties all used religion as bait to prepare common people to die smiling when blood was needed.
    I tried finding a single Indian darbar that constituted purely on religious bases but there’s none to mention .

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