Mark Sagoff
Mark Sagoff

Many people mean good and we cannot doubt their good intentions. However much good we perceive is man made and Allah has own laws as stated to us in the Quran Hakeem. Is modern thinking compatible with Divine permanent laws as given by Allah? Obviously this analysis must be made.

Mark Sagoff is a wonderful human being and he is addressing these issues from an intellectual frame of mind. For instance he deals with the following issues for us:

When is the decision to go to war justified?
To what extent should society regulate the choices people make, for their own good?
What does ‘environmental protection’ mean beyond a concern with human health, safety and welfare?
What obligations do we have to future generations?
What is a fair distribution of limited resources in regard to health care?

1. The decision to go to war.

I do not know Sagoff’ final view on the matter. But Allah has definitely spelt JEHAD for us? The word is so much abused in international terms that the beauty of it is lost in prejudice. From times immemorial Heroes have waged wars against injustice. For example take an American example itself. The American Texas Ranger namely Lone Ranger galloping all over the West, correcting wrongs where ever they occur to help humanity. The same thing applies to the Islamic Nation to correct wrongs and diversions from humanity, wherever they may occur. Never it is said Wars are necessary for economic exploitation of other nations and the grabbing of National Resources. So Lone Ranger’s Hi Yo Silver away can be an easy replacement for Allah o Akbar itself, proclamation of the greatness of Allah in promoting a good cause for humanity.

2. Regulation of people’s choices.

Freedom is a situation much admired by Allah. Allah’s benevolence can be judged from the fact that he has allowed man the capacity to even rebel against HIS own injunctions. One can imagine the respect for concept of freedom that there are no JAIL TERMS in Islamic reference. Punishments yes, jail never. A much loved and cherished ideal, that is freedom. Everybody is free to do anything that they like but within some constraints. And the principles of these restraints is simple, as not to break the heart of anyone or indulge in hurting the sentiments of others. The printing of Cartoons of the Prophet (BPBUJH) by Charlie Hebdo is absolutely wrong in name of much trumpeted freedom of expression, but the assassination of the group is also totally wrong and we hardly know who actually did it and why? To bring bad name to a community whose way of life starts with the name PEACE itself.

Butterfly paradise
Butterfly paradise

3. Environmental protection.

To preserve Planet Earth as it was a million years ago is not the ideal of anyone. To dream of a world in which the essentials of life, like rich supply of air, trees, natural beauty is absent is wrong too. The skyscrapers are no answer nor underground tunnels. The balance is progress but not at cost of deprivation of the beauty of life itself. A flying butterfly cheers us up as nothing else. A world without butterflies would be a matter of great sorrow for us. Porcupines and skunks are ALLAHS creation too, but we cannot increase their population so that we face them at every corner. Here we come across enhancement of scenes and animals for our healthy growth and restraint (not elimination of other unfriendly species). There is no fun in trying to clone a dinosaur again, there is obviously need for research on it. We have to respect other species and the Quran itself asserts the presence of life elsewhere. So the way we envisage ALIENS is our thinking. The real aliens may allude us. But there is no doubt hat we are ASHRAF UL MAQLOOK the ultimate life, as created by Allah through an evolutionary process. As a balance between mind and heart, we are the balanced creation of Allah. The ultimate message of Allah to us is simply this: LIFE IS IMPERFECT, AND THE MISSION OF HUMANKIND IS TO FIGHT AND MAKE IT PERFECT. Or more simply CONQUER NATURE!

4 and 5. Total obligation to future generations.

The personality of Allah
The personality of Allah

Every household in Islamic civilization used to know one thing. Education is the key towards progress. Every mother wanted her children to move forward. So on the microcosm level one thing naturally means same thing required for the whole nation, the whole world. But here the privileage is of the few to harness the labour of many. Communism was a dirty word in American folklore but so do I found the words Socialism having similar connotations. Islamic society is an egalitarian society. Not forceful distribution. The minute a child is born, the State responsible for everything. From medical to education , what not? Once the person grows up and start earning, then he/she repays the society for the privileage given to him or her. No one to be left alone or to the dogs as it is proverbial said in many places. A balanced society where greed is eliminated and replaced by the ability to share things. This is the definition of the religion of the great books, to foster the less privileaged and make the person better. Altruism need of the hour.

I admire Mark Sagoff. He is the son in law of our great American friends. We know they mean well for the world. But for a moment free of prejudice, they can read the Holy Quran once in a while, to understand that Allah truly is Compassionate, Merciful, and Beneficent. We are all human beings on Planet Earth. Where ever we may go, we must carry the message of Peace to Universes everywhere. That is Infinite wisdom of Allah!


  1. Please correct the affix PBUH instead of two additional letters placed by mistake after the PROPHETS (PBUH) name. Even the mention of this reference is SACRED to us as Muslims.

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