Legacy of religious hate

Young Akbar
Young Akbar

The world is full of various views on Akbar. He is full of praise by all but the wrong reasons. A young Mughal Prince consolidated a vast Empire on foreign soil, no mean achievement for any one at all. But the success of his rule meant the success of another Muslim Empire, and that was detested by all the  rivals. The object was simple, snatch from him his passion for his own way of life.

How did Akbar die? Jahangeer himself tells us of his last moments of his life. Akbar opened his eyes and recited the kalma, and died. Much to the chagrin of all, that was the Death of a steadfast Muslim as all Muslims would love to dIe. Reciting the Kalma is the ultimate vow for Muslims. When he was born a Muslim,  lived as a Muslim, and died as a Muslim, what was all that religious experimentations for? My uncle Abdur Raheem Chughtai and I used to discuss things like that. I just asked what was Akbar trying to achieve with all the loose talk about all religions? My uncle smiled, and said it was merely a clever politician, trying to unite the disparate believes in his domain, by making fools of every one. To every religion and its scholars, he was trying to say, ‘I am ready to opt for your way of life”. And that he never intended. Every religious fanatic at one time or the other, not only thought but proclaimed that Akbar had joined his religion. He fooled the Zoarastrians, the Jains, the Hindus, even the Christians with adopting some of their rituals and on verge of acceptance stepping back from it. All such people confirm this themselves.

And all these religious fanatics were saying wrong things. The Christian missionaries openly wrote:

“our ears hear nothing but that hideous and heinous name of Mahomet (GOD FORBID-our affix)….. In a word, Mahomet is everything here. Antichrist reigns. In honour of this infernal monster (ASTAUR KRILLA-our affix) they bend the knee, prostrate, lift up their hands, give alms, and do all they do.”

Is this talk healthy for co-existence? This is straight talk from the enemies of Islam. How could Akbar or anyone at that time accept this kind of talk? It send ripples of disgust in any Muslim of any time.

There is no doubt of the intellectual prowess of Abu-Fazl. His ancestors came from Yemen, and his father Sheikh Mubarak was a strange person. He could be a Sunni, Mahadavi, Naqashbandi or liberal, depending upon the ruler himself. This kind of hypocrisy was evident in Abu-Fazl too. Working in utter hypocrisy, he was undermining Akbar right from the start. And he never wanted Jahangeer (Prince Saleem) to succeed his father. His job was to drive a wedge between father and son. That is why Prince Saleem had him assassinated for this reason.

The Zikri Mahadavi, a sect which still exists in Pakistan, are actually outside Islam itself with their views, on same lines as the Ahmadiyah movement of the 19th century. It is strange that after every hundred years we come up with so called reformers who take us away from the principles of Islam itself. Our job is merely to analyze. Everybody welcome to their way of life, but no one has right to interfere in ours.

Abu-Fazl Akbari
Abu-Fazl Akbari

The conspiracy of Abu-Fazl in trying to foul the life of Akbar is evident but he has made himself so indispensable,that even Akbar could not see the consequences of his hidden actions. With four wives, many concubines, excessive eating habits (30 lbs everyday), he was having the time of his life and wanted to bring Prince Saleem in chains to the court. Fortunately the Mughal Empire was saved from devastation, and father and son agreed on peace. These conspiracies were ever there and are part of a political setup.


  1. Excellent research work. Enjoyed reading the sensible argument of Akbar’s religious experiments. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes that was a surprise.
    if you could please post the reference books,
    i’ll be obliged.

    (specially the one which says that Akbar recited kalima b4 death)

    1. Memoirs of Jahangeer translated by Major Price say exactly that but that is rejected by some. Our evidence comes from Sir Thomas Roe memoirs (died in the formal profession of his sect) as well as Father Botelho, when he wrote:
      ‘and at the last, died as he was born a Muhammedan’
      Maclagan page 107.
      All histories are fabricated with time. You have to search the source for answers.

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