Menace of beggars in Lahore

Bhatti Gate
Bhaati Gate

My uncle Abdur Raheem Chughtai used to discuss things with me. Analysis of his long life. He said he had never seen a Pathan beg for his living anywhere. A Pathan never raises his hand in front of anybody. Stuck with the most menial of jobs, he still serves himself with dignity. Today we see HATA KATAS, full bodied men and women, begging at every cross roads, and realize the shame of the Nation, which has learnt to extend its hand as beggars.

But why blame them? Our leaders are even worst beggars, raising their shameless hands in  front of everyone  the world, and hoarding their wealth, so that it may burn them in hell itself. A shameless lot of politicians surround us. We wait for the day when they will be brought to task. If not here, surely in the next world.

But there have always been men of dignity. In the Mohalla Chamala, inside Bhatti Gate, in front of a small house, was the shop (a mere wood board on a thara) of a man, who was POLIO stricken to the core. Perhaps by birth abnormality or anything else, only his face was normal. Bearded with pleasant countenance, he would lie there on the stairs of his house, selling small toys. His whole body was twisted, mangled legs, mangled hands, mangled torso, it was even frightening to look at his body. He was not able to stand, or even sit. He could only lie down and twist some half movements. And instead of begging, he sold toys in his house.

We used to buy toys from him. Not expensive toys, all toys, for two and a half annas at that time. Probably he made half an anna on sale of one toy. In today’s terms, that is not even peanuts for anyone. But what he sold, made him eat a dignified meal every day. I never knew his name, nor I ever asked him. We were actually somewhat afraid of him too. But his face was so radiant, so full of life. Dignity unexplainable. He also used to sell sweets (golis). One anna for perhaps six or eight of them. Such minor businessman, with a giant of a dignity. May Allah rest his soul in peace! I think he was a beacon light for any and could be a beacon light for our wretched leaders of today.

Inside Bhatti Gate
Inside Bhaati Gate

Halal or haram are concepts we had in our life. My father never let GREED invade his life. He earned with dignity. Most people took advantage of him, particularly his so called best friends. Interestingly that my father never carried money. He never put money in his pocket. He hated to even count money and if he had caught me counting money, maybe he would have slapped me. Yes, slapped me for paying attention to money.  My father gave me halal for life, and I give halal to my children. And Allah forbid that I indulge myself otherwise. I live in a house that my father built in 1938 (land bought in 1931). Previously he lived in a house built in 1758 (yes 1758). Yes, I drive a car, model 1977. Yes, 1977. I eat the best kind of food, I send my children to the best schools possible, for the best education. I wear good. I feel good. This nation has not even given me my daily bread, but I have spent crores on the nation itself, for public good. No one really cares. Yes, I am in tension most of my life, but there is a contentment that no SOB kanjar of haram can take from me. I have a happiness no haramzada can ever have.


  1. In 1947 Pakistan inherited a majority of such dignified men and women and we all know that. The media preaches in all ways a haram life with importance to criminals not honest people. Our decline has been engineered by people, both here and in foreign lands.

  2. .

    ‘Values’ have changed, or have been made to change ? ….. this is what exactly keep wondering about ! Has it happened all across the globe ? ……. ‘status’ has become the goal to rush after , no matter how you you get it ! THIS has its existence in all socio-economic groups around us. When i see the poorer and the poorest around me, i see that the struggle for life has become ruthless even there.

    Education ? …….. and the best education ? I beg to dis-agree sir ! Whatever we are mourning above has to predominantly with our (segregation of)education. Sure ‘taleem’ is there of some sort, but ‘tarbiat’ is hardly anywhere to find. We have made education a purchasable commodity sitting on the shelf for a buyer ! There are 5-6 types of education available, and hardly anybody is bothered. Everyone loves to talk about disgruntled bad-tameez youth, crimes, and Taliban, but hardly any government body has seriously bothered to realize its implications ! 70% of our top bureaucracy still belongs to the ‘taat wala schools’ but they forget it in their ‘current’ favour !

    it goes deeper as one attempts to dissect. Our society refused the teacher the respect and honour they deserved, and in return ………. we see whats happenong around us !


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