In the year 435 AH (1043 AD), the Raja of Delhi was able to rally other Hindu Rajas to accost and drive the Muslims out of India. The religious motivation drove them into a frenzy, for they were loosing their commoner subjects by the thousands, each day, through voluntary conversions. Fearing there would be no vassals left to serve them, they started recovering one town after another. They took Hansi, Thanesar and then Nagar Kot. In the year 441 AH (1049 AD), they laid a siege to the city of Lahore.

Sultan Maudud was not in Lahore. Maudud undertook a campaign against Khurasan, and had gone through the city of Kabul. He reached the Fort of Sankot and was seized with a violent bowel movement (food poisoning of the worst kind). Probably poisoned by adversaries. On a litter tied behind a horse, he was taken to Ghazni, where he died, and the rest of the time there was chaotic fighting for the throne. A four year old son was put on the throne, which led to further infighting in the Ghaznavid ranks.

Without the protection of the Sultan, it was up to the citizens of Lahore to defend themselves. The Hindus gained initially a lot of ground in victory. Their number was ten thousand horsemen, as well as innumerable foot soldiers. Five thousand Muslims were taken prisoners, mosques were razed to the ground, and a general loot and plunder started outside Lahore in the suburbs. A group of valiant soldiers assembled in the Purani Kotwali Lahore and resolved to face the wrath of the Hindus. The siege was for about seven months and the soldiers held their ground. Thousands died defending Lahore, including many of their Generals who were controlling the action. The nature of Lahore was thus that in the course of fifty years or so, the citizens of Lahore had made the city as their own.


The soldiers who gave their life for Lahore and by their action were able to save Lahore. The place where they died was Mohalla Sadhoaun, Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran and the area of Chinay-wali mosque (the residential area of M.A. Rahman Chughtai and his ancestors). This place was known as GANJ SHAHEEDAN, and they were buried at the same place where they died with full honour, some individually, some in mass graves. A few graves existed till partition, and now the 968 years old incident is represented by the Mazar of one unnamed General only. I too was born in Lahore, very near the mausoleum of Ayaz Abu-Najm and my ancestors lived in the Mohalla Chabuk Sawaran, the area of the Ganj Shaheedan. The soil of Lahore on which you are born and where you live welcomes also those who die. The warmth of the soil is there for all to taste, but more specifically for the SHAHEEDS, the people who give their life in defending Lahore.

Allah o Akbar

The 1965 Pakistani Indian war was similar in many ways., A surprise attack was launched on Lahore, and the war revolved around the KANGRI PULL, or the BRIDGE OF THE PROSTITUTE. This is the same bridge where Ranjit Singh on returning from victory from Amritsar met Moran, the femme fatale of his life. In radio broadcasts of that time the name of the ‘Kanjri pull’ came again and again. It was people like Major Aziz Bhatti who held the enemies at bay, and destroyed the General Chaudry’s proud assertion of drinking at Lahore Gymkhana. The plan ruined finally. After the 1965 war, the brother of Major Aziz Bhatti came back from Dacca, and opened the GO-GO restaurant in Liberty Market Lahore, frequented by most, before it got vacated out of the premises. The nephew of the Shaheed was with us in Forman Christian College. One Shabbir Syed was our senior in Saint Anthonys High School, Lahore, and as Head of Munster House, we used to buck him up in his races all the time. In a sudden sweep, the Shaheed and his aura walks tall in the area where they gave their life, and in Paradise, which await only selected people from Planet Earth.. Allah-o-Akbar!

Records records
Lame excuses sour grapes

This time the plan is in motion again. The butcher of Gujarat, with his version of divine mission, plans to take over the country and for that Lahore is a must for their design. This time it is said that the war will be fought NOT ON KANJRI PULL but on the METRO BUS TRACK, where the enemy tanks will run to quell Lahore. The dream is that Lahore will wake up one day to be an enslaved city . I am sure that the Army who blew up the ‘Kanjri pull’ once, will have to blow up the Metro bus track too, for the safety of Lahore. But much before that Al-Nasr will be proving its worth to us. Yes, it is all possible, and just read between the lines in any news broadcast, and you will see that the think tank donkeys of the world are braying about the demise of Pakistan.

“Defender of Pakistan” A Nasr missile is loaded on vehicle during the Pakistan National Day parade in Islamabad, Pakistan, Monday, March 23, 2015. Pakistan has demonstrated its first locally manufactured armed drone aircraft. The drone was introduced to the public Monday as part of Pakistan’s Republic Day parade, with officials hailing it as a key element in the country’s ongoing battle against local Islamic militant groups. The annual parade itself had been suspended for the past seven years due to fears of terrorist attack.

Just what saves Pakistan all the time? Ask anyone on the street and they say the same thing. We are protected by Allah. It is only due to Allah that Pakistan is still in existence. It is a belief which does not go away. It is futile to say that we have stopped following Allah. People believe that Allah will never desert us. And that belief gives us one UNCONDITIONAL EDGE OVER ADVERSARY. REAL MOTIVATION. And that motivation makes us know fully that a death for the sake of the country does not go unrewarded. We call that SHAHADAT and that is part of JEHAD of life. Jehad the most beautiful expression of need to help all others in need. A jehad which brought Muhammed bin Qasim here, and a Jehad which will drive General Qamar Javad Bajwa to become the hero of all times. Fret not General Sahib, the people of Pakistan are with you all the time!

The National Emblem


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