Making a dead city alive again in 1421

Title: Amir Timur
Title: Amir Timur

Lahore was the passing point of many conquerors, and the city witnessed the ups and downs of the time. The greatest upheaval was that of Amir Timur, or Timur lang. The invasion of Timur to Hindustan is an event in itself. The entrance to Punjab was in 1398.

Shaikha Gakkhar was the Governor of Lahore. Perhaps only for a period of one year or less. Seeing the fall of other cities of Hindustan to the Timurids, Shaikha Gakkhar capitulated to the Timurids, and offered his assistance o them. He was the first to side with Timur. Timur knew that he was doing all this as a necessity to save himself, but even then, gave him credit for services rendered to him. In this way Lahore was saved from the first assault of the Timurids, comparing it to other fallen cities, where massacres had taken place. Once Timur had left, Shaikha Gakkhar was not willing to please the Timurids again. This report was submitted to Timur and he ordered Prince Pir Muhammed Jahangeer, Prince Rustam, Amir Sulaiman and Amir Jahan to set things right.

This party of Princes reached Lahore and ransacked it. Shaikha Gakkhar was probably put n chains and sent to the presence of Amir Timur. But most of these things are scattered here and there and little information is obtained. When Lahore was ransacked, much wealth and property was obtained from the city. It is said that the city was emptied of all its population.

Lahore was a deserted city. No one lived here. (Perhaps few did but nothing is known about the composition of Lahore in those days). When Sayyid Mubarak son of Khizr Khan became the ruler of Hindustan, he appointed Malik Mahmud Hassan as Viceroy of Lahore. Sayyid Mubarak himself entered Lahore after defeating Jasrat Ghakkhar brother of Shaikha Gakkhar. The task before Sayyid Mubarak was stupendous, to repopulate and build Lahore from a scratch. It is said that in 1421, there was not even an owl living in Lahore. The Fort and the Gates were repaired and a standing army put in the Lahore Fort. Invitations and concessions were issued all over the region, inviting people to settle and build in Lahore, with the cooperation of the state machinery itself. And that is the birth of NEW LAHORE in 1421. This resilience of Lahore to bounce back is the back bone of the Pakistani spirit.

Amir Timur in Tashkent
Amir Timur in Tashkent


  1. There are many famous Pakistani Mughals not only Amir Timur Genghis Khan or Babur are famous there are Pakistani Mughals to.

    1. Brigadier MOHAMMAD ABBAS BAIG from 1933 to 1963 He was one of the pioneering military officers of the Pakistan Army who was dubbed “Baba-e-Artillery” (father of the Artillery) for his role in establishing this core section of Pakistani army The newly established Pakistan Army rapidly developed into an efficient force and it was primarily due to the dedication and hard work of officers such as Mirza Abbas Baig. He became the first Muslim commander of number three self-propelled medium regiment and the first commandant of the Artillery centre in Attock in 1952. Amongst his early achievements were the raising of first artillery division and number one Artillery Corps and played a central role in establishing artillery corps to form the backbone of the army. Abbas Baig’s father, Mirza Azam Baig, was a prominent soldier who had fought in the European theatre for the British army during the Great War (1914–1918). He survived a German gas attack and went on to serve in the personal bodyguard regiment of the emperor of Persia.

    2. Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy from 1999 to 2002, ADMIRAL ABDUL AZIZ MIRZA is a retired four-star rank admiral served commanded Pakistan Navy during the Indo-Pakistani standoff in 2001. He comes from a family of military service men who had served in the British Army before the creation of Pakistan. he was nominated and appointed as Pakistan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in 2002 until 2005. Admiral Mirza is given credit for commissioning the country’s first ingeniously and locally built long-range submarine, the Agosta 90B submarine in 1999.

    AWARDS:- Sitara-e-Basalat
    Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military)
    Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military)
    Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military)
    Chevalier of the Legion of Honour French

    Chief of Naval Staff
    Secy at Ministry of Defence (MoD)
    Commander Pakistan Fleet (COMPAK)
    DG Naval Intelligence (DGNI)
    Special Service Group Navy

    3. Chief of Army Staff General MIRZA ASLAM BAIG from 1952 to 1991 is a retired four-star general of the Pakistan Army, who served as its Chief of Army Staff from 1988 until his retirement in 1991 the Mirza Aslam Baig family had traced a long ancestral roots of the Mughal Royal family who once were emperors of India from the early 15th century to the early 18th century during his college years, Mirza played collegiate field hockey and was vital member of his hockey team which consisted mainly Muslims According to his memoirs, Baig sought revenge on a Hindu politician belonging to Congress Party after the politician had beaten up a member of his hockey team Egged on by a mob of students, Baig used his hockey stick to beat up the politician at a public meeting this incident came after his graduation from college in 1949, and Baig family decided to move to Pakistan in 1949 after the Indian partition The Beg family set sailed for Karachi from Mumbai via Pakistan Navy ship in 1949. His elder brother was already a commissioned officer in the Pakistan Army and encouraged young Beg to follow his path to seek a career in the army Beg recalled his memoirs to his Indian interviewer and called Pakistan as “my dream country In 1958, he passed the physical and psychological analysis tests for the special forces Beg departed to United States, to complete special forces training with the US Army Special Forces in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In 1960, he returned to Pakistan and was inducted in the Special Service Group (SSG) after receiving the promotion to the rank of Major. His new assignment was in field and commanded a commando company of the SSG

    4. Lt General KHALID LATIF MUGHAL, May 1992 – October 1995 The I Corps, also known as I Strike Corps, of the Pakistan Army headquartered in Mangla, Azad Kashimir Territory of Pakistan. Known as I Strike Corps, it is one of two strike corps within its ten manouvre Army corps. The I Strike Corps is one of the oldest and major formations of Pakistan Army, and a major component of Northern Military Command of Pakistan Defence Forces. Active in Indo-Pakistan wars, the I Strike Corps subordinated administrative units played an integral role in Kargil war, and also served in current War in North-West Pakistan. Its Corps-Commander, Lieutenant-General Tariq Khan, is internationally known and distinguished for his leadership abilities in War in North-West Pakistan.

    5. Lt Gen MIRZA MUSHTAQ BAIG, three star general who was also Colonel Commandant of the Army Medical Corps. Beg remains the most senior Army officer to have been martyred since Pakistan’s involvement in the war on terrorism. who was also the principal of the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi

    6. MAJOR UMAR BAIG MIRZA AND LIEUTENANT COLONEL AMER BAIG, brothers of the current Commandant ‘Command and Staff College’, Quetta MAJOR GENERAL SHAHID BAIG MIRZA. All three brothers were commissioned in 11 Punjab Regiment; a Battalion that their proud father, LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RETD) MIRZA ABDUL HAQ MUGHAL was also part of. “Both of my martyred sons and my eldest son Shahid were passionate about joining the army and wanted to follow their father. He was one of the prisoners of 1971 war and young Amer used to say that he would join the army to take his father’s revenge from Indira Gandhi,” tells the proud mother Zaib-un-Nisa.

    7. Captain Mirza Fawad Amin Baig, the Naval Attaché. A senior officer of Pakistan Navy will address an international symposium being organised in connection with the PLA Navy celebrations. Over 15 countries have pledged to send ships to the east port city of Qingdao as part of the celebrations and at least 28 foreign countries will send delegations, said the officer with the Chinese Navy’s headquarters the parade will be staged off Qingdao, the Navy’s North Sea Fleet’s headquarters in Shandong Province.

    8. Miss Sharista Baig, daughter of Col.Mahmud Baig is the first GD fighter pilot from Gilgit Baltistan. She belongs to Karimabad Hunza.

    9. MIRZA MUHAMMAD ARSLAN AZAM Successfully defended Super-Heavyweight title by winning a Gold Medal at All Pakistan’s Intervarsity Boxing Championship 2014-15. Broke all the previous records of this prestigious tournament by lifting up the boxing trophy after nearly 35 years of PU boxing.

    10. Lieutenant-General MUSHTAQ AHMAD BAIG (1951 – 25 February 2008) was the Surgeon General of the Pakistani Army who was killed in a suicide-bomb attack on 25 February 2008. An ophthalmologist by profession, Beg is the most senior Army officer to be targeted and killed since Pakistan’s involvement in the War on Terror and the North West-Pakistan Conflict.

    11. Lt Gen SHAHID BAIG MIRZA, HI(M), Punjab — Military Secretary (MS), GHQ. Due to retire on
    8th April 2019
    12. Lt Gen MUHAMMAD ZAHID LATIF MIRZA, HI(M), AD[3] — Commander, Army Air Defence
    Command (Comd AAD Comd), Rawalpindi. Due to retire on 20 December 2017.

    13. Maj Gen SAHIR SHAMSHAD MIRZA, Inf — GOC 40th Infantry Division, Dera Ismail Khan

    14. ASIM MUGHAL Pride of Pakistan a young Pakistani Engineer who designed and build NASA Cassini mission the USA information service said Asim Mughal was one of the professional who desgined and build Cassini mission at Jet propulsion laboratory of NASA. is being the part of the team that designed $3.4 Billion Space Craft ” Cassini”. This young engineer is no other than Asim Mughal in USA who have made all Pakistanis proud of their native Pakistan.

    15. BABUR MUGHAL – Launching the Legend, Formula NED
    as the Pakistani nation was muttering about the defeat of Pakistan by India on 19-3-2012 Team Formula NED achieved a milestone that will prove to be a new horizon for sports enthusiasts and university students. 16 NED students

    The Team:
    The idea was innovated and initiated by Abdur Rehman, a 2nd year automotive engineering student of NED. After his tragic and untimely death, the project fell into the hands of Babar Mughal Team leader, who; dubbed as the greatest motivating leader of all by the team, steered the team to the completion and launching of the car. The team comprised of 15 automotive engr. students and one electronics engr. student.

    16. SAMINA BAIG first Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest she was trained in mountaineering from the age of 15 by her brother, MIRZA ALI She is also the youngest Muslim woman to climb Everest, having done so at the age of 21. Samina is also the first Pakistani woman and the first Muslim to climb the seven summits

    17. SHAHEEN BAIG He is Pakistan’s renowned climber Shaheen Baig has reached the base camp of MT Ama Dablam (6864m) with his Italian companion Elena. He is the first Pakistani who will attempt a mountain in Nepal in autumn season.

    1. ABSOLUTE PLEASURE FOR YOU TO ENRICH OUR BLOG WITH YOUR INFORMATION. I have no doubt about this. But the Baradari did not just produce soldiers only, some of the best writers and artists came from the same source. Ismat Chughtai and her brother are good examples. But the best example is my father who bought the CHAGHATA name to the fanfare again. After all Baigs, Chughtais, and Mirzas all belong to same family.

      1. One more thing, Mirza Aslam Baig is well known to us and tried to help us when he was COAS against the political malaise thrusted on our museum.

  2. i can not believe there is muslims who see Timur as a hero let alone as a muslim! he is Kafir he does not belong to Islam. he killed many muslims and inoccent non-muslims just for his own pleasure!
    If you love Timur you are also not muslim because if you have walaa for enemies of muslims you are not one of us

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