Rising falling civilizations and Quranic values: Emerging homosexuality in Pakistan

In times of financial crisis all over the world as well as in Pakistan, the easy thing to do is to jump on the bandwagon of designs of foreign lobbies and ensure a stable standard of living for yourself. A few years back we received a gentleman from London, a Pakistani Muslim who we will call by his name ‘A’ only. He told me that he was studying at the London School of Economics and had got a grant of millions for a thesis entitled ‘Homosexuality in Islam’ and he told me that the Islamic values okay homosexuality and he was there to prove the same. He talked of the INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE WHO WERE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP INCLUDING DIPLOMATS from super-power countries. And he named some of them and I am not in a position to repeat those names. He asked me if I would affiliate myself with their group, they would enhance this place by visits and business of unimaginable extents. My head bowed down in utter shame.

Title: The Still Life

Two concepts are so sacred to our region and way of life. The concepts of ‘Yar’ and ‘Saheli’. These are so pure in their thoughts and feelings, that poems and stories are written about the ultimate extent of friendship. And these sacred concepts are marred by placing these very sacred relation in the concept of sexual interaction. The changing scenarios in western thoughts was highlighted here when Marcella Bedford Nesom came here in 1978 and found ‘lesbianism’ in the art works of M A Rahman Chughtai. Saleem Akhtar had written a story about same and it was imputed on the artist Chughtai that he had no objections to same and approved of homosexuality. It certainly provoked an ultimate reaction and we went on aggressive mode and said that if this accusation finds itself in print, we will go on a libel writ for a million dollars. Situation controlled.
The Bible tells us of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as other religious texts. Even historical proof of the destruction of the two cities have been found by archaeologists. Of course all kinds of perversions have existed in life but these perversions were never put on the grandiose scale but swept as dirt under the carpet.I remember once upon a time the intoxicating voice of the singer Eartha Kitt was used to bring homosexuals into normal life. GQ magazine reported recently about homosexuals in USA and it said that passive homosexuals carry restraining pads between their legs, for they cannot control their defecation anymore. Is that normal way of life? The degradation of humanity as we have known it in most cultures.

Title: Muezzin's Call
Title: Muezzin’s Call

Yes cultures clash, and values get trampled all the time. The exposure of western media, the influx of this even in cartoons related to small children, speak of the hazards of societies gone awry. We are subject to onslaught of the western way of life. Of course we can assimilate what is healthy in it, but we have to reject what history has proven to us has no value, then, now, or in the future. And for that we must hold on to the QURANIC VALUES which will save us from the disgrace that is slowly dawning on us as a civilization. Is degrading others a fundamental right of anyone? Are we to give all human rights to the Devil too? A lady from NGO was campaigning recently to remove ‘Zina’ from any criminal proceedings as it was the fundamental right of the two consenting adults to do whatever they like with their lives. It is time to put the foot of the State down and erase this kind of dissent from the society. Our values are Quranic and there is nothing wrong with them.

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  1. A dear friend NL asked me if I saw the rising trend of homosexuality in the country. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT. What we are talking here is merely the HYPE being generated about it by NGOs with financial backing of vested interests. Except for centuries old preferences in an ethnic group of Pakistan. Inherited from the Greeks who remained behind after Alexanders departure, for most Pakistanis, it is a disgusting act. An act of deprivation and we are a nation of strong heterosexual content, in both regional as well as religious terms. The sodomy events are a matter of shame for even those who commit them, no thumping the chest as such a below human action. The so called romantic moo-moo images thrusted out to us repulses most Pakistanis, even homosexuals themselves. No love generated in homosexual affairs. Disgust, shame, that is all.

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