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A letter in archives show a letter received from France by Mowla Dad in Kashmeeri Bazaar Lahore. There were vast French people in the time of the Sikhs in Lahore and an industry of carpets and shawls flourished here. Probably a well scripted letter from Paris, France means a dealer of shawls in Lahore receiving orders for same. No one today remembers Mowla Dad at all, but it looks like a Muslim shawl dealer with business connections as far as France itself. Post to Lahore was through at times Multan or more often through Bombay. The name was enough as no numbers are there. Well done, Lahore!

Letter 1868

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  1. Our archives of Lahore encompasses hundreds of documents which is a history of Lahore in itself. Also hundreds of manuscripts written or authored in Lahore. Including books on Astronomy, poetry and history. A wealth of Qurans too.

    1. Special request for specialized research. Differs from person to person. Make your request for what you are searching. We will see what we can do. But we continue to use archives and bring out research papers all the time.

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