Last days of MARC
Last days of MARC

Few would believe what we have suffered from 1975 to this day. Daily we hear of governmental tirade against the people of Pakistan, but there is so much more. The Ideology of Pakistan is in itself under attack from a long time. A mischievous form of government has taken over from the last many decades. Loot and plunder is the name of the game. But the attacks on Chughtai Museum were phenomenal in all ways. Every year survival zero is presented to us on different plates. And every year we embark upon a fresh jehad against the tyranny of a political structure, allowed to rape Pakistan, by presenting their own self on cushion lined beds. Get humiliated at one place, and you are allowed to humiliate the entire country.

Of course we have written about many of these things in the past, and a big book is in order, for the historian buffs who will study this in future courses of art history. Our aim would be only to touch important episodes in the history of Chughtai Museum. A Pakistani origin artist in Canada, Ahmad Humayoun once told me, you were able to do many things, but you were not able to generate a following for yourself in Pakistan. For us the inspiration is the life of the Prophet. With a single woman who trusted him, to millions of followers today, the story of the Prophet is a beacon light for us. And we also remember the saying of one of our ancestors, when he wrote the verse:

“Our sad plight is due to ourselves and ourselves alone;
For we chose the profession of mirror polishing in land of blind people.”

There is indeed sadness in the state of our aesthetics. So called analysts like Qadu Gujjar rail us about our Identity all the time. Central Asian artists brought art and culture to this God-forsaken place. Now we are being inspired by artists who lost their own Identities a long time back. Our people do not have the capacity to look or appreciate art, so how can we evolve a package of analysts and critics from such a dumb crowd? Countries revolve around identity. Without identity, no nation comes into being or can sustain itself.

Chughtai Museum in making
Chughtai Museum in making

This region owes it to the Buddhist Masters from Central Asia who laid the basis of art like Ajanta. And the Sultans of Lahore and Delhi who patronized painting inspired from Chinese Masters. The Mughals who took the art of painting to newer heights, distinct from the Persian Masters themselves. One must keep in mind that the history of art as manufactured by foreign lobbies is as twisted as the history of civilization they have manufactured for us. They have hired our own soulless Mir Jaffers of Art to make us lose al our confidence in ourselves as well as Identities. All that is a separate story in itself. We will start the history of Chughtai Museum as episodes in our life.


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    Assembling my dispersed yet begging the xpression thoughts on parts of what you said above :

    For our governmental structure led by Nihari Oriented Nooras and executed by hi-fi bureaucrats, Art (any form) is not perceived as a delicate plantation which needs to be endlessly nourished and polished from the very roots to its flourishing beyond generations, for them ‘Art’ is not an attitude which has anything to do with the identity of the nation, for them its just an instant sort of ‘ma’ajoon’ which can be generated on demand ( in the form of juggleray called ‘festival’) when required on certain political grounds. They can dish out billions of rupees as ‘funds’ when and where they see fit, other-wise its of no use for them !

    ……. and for our semi-literate society begging for public utilities on highest prices, segregated further by the 5-6 types of education as ‘ purchasable commodity lying on the shelf’ ……. this ‘festival jugglery’ works wonders !


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