Blackening actual history

Siphir Shikoh was born on 13th October, 1644 to his proud father Prince Dara Shikoh. He died on 13th October, 1708. Little is known about him, but it is there that he was part of the War of Succession between Aurangzeb Alamgeer and Dara Shikoh.

Siphir son Dara Shikoh
Siphir son Dara Shikoh

Western and Hindu writers paint a horrific imagery of the fate of the children of Dara Shikoh. The actual matter is that indeed Siphir Shikoh was captured and sent to prison. He embraced his uncle Aurangzeb Alamgeer who promised him that he would not be killed in the end result. He was sent to prison and even Mildred Archer narrates his horrible death. The fact of the matter is totally different.

As a man of great heart and compassion, not only did Aurangzeb Alamgeer forgive Siphir Shikoh for being part of the actual rebellion against him, he reinstated him in the Mughal nobility. The hand of Ms Zubadat un nisa, beloved daughter of Aurangzeb Alamgeer was offered to him, and Siphir married his cousin with great pomp. The two loved each other very much, and lived a happy long life together. The fact that Siphir Shikoh accepted the hands of the daughter of his uncle proves that he held no grudge against his uncle. Otherwise he would not have accepted this offer.

A rarest image of Siphir Shikoh is presented with this information. Made at the request of Sir Thomas Phillip in Lucknow in the 18th century, this perhaps is the only image of the lost to history Prince of Mughals. But things continue to be discovered. More will come too.

Dying a natural death in 1708, it means that he lived a life of 64 years, a healthy life by the standard of those days too.


  1. Media is obsessed with painting Aurangzeb black but he was the greatest hero of our region

  2. A misprint. He died on 3rd July 1708. Sorry for writing mistake, just by chance. Known fact in our book.

  3. Dear Pasha Sahib! Painting negative pictures of the Muslin heroes & history started from the beginning of Islam is continued. It was essential for our enemies, but Muslin intellect never worked to o the same as a system.

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